Container inspection and certification

We are dedicated to ensuring your containers meet the highest standards of compliance, safety, and quality.

Services for container Compliance

Container inspection and certification play a vital role in ensuring that containers are in optimal condition, meet relevant standards, and adhere to industry regulations. By undergoing these essential processes, businesses can mitigate risks, enhance safety measures, and optimise the performance of their container fleet. At Green Box Containers, we offer comprehensive container inspection and certification services to ensure the compliance, safety, and quality of your containers. With our meticulous approach and industry expertise, we provide the necessary assessments and verifications to meet regulatory requirements and maintain operational integrity. 

By entrusting us with your inspection and certification needs, you can focus on your core business while having peace of mind knowing that your containers are in expert hands.
Container Inspection and Certification

How we work

With our modern manufacturing facility located in Dubai Industrial City, we have the capabilities to deliver high-quality offshore containers. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and operated by a skilled workforce, our facility allows us to maintain strict control over the production process, ensuring superior results. 

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing excellent customer support throughout your project. From the initial design phase to manufacturing, delivery, and beyond, we work collaboratively with you to address any concerns or modifications, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Benefit from Compliance, safety and verification

Compliance assurance is paramount in today’s regulatory landscape. Our meticulous inspections ensure that your containers meet all applicable regulations, standards, and certifications. By staying compliant, you can avoid potential legal and operational issues, maintaining a strong reputation in the industry.
Our services enhance safety in your operations. Our skilled inspectors identify any potential hazards, structural weaknesses, or safety concerns during the inspection process. By addressing these issues proactively, we help mitigate risks, create a safer working environment, and safeguard your personnel, equipment, and assets.
Additionally, our certification process assures the quality of your containers. Our comprehensive evaluations verify that your containers meet the necessary quality standards, ensuring that they are in optimal condition and fit for their intended purpose. This helps maintain the performance and longevity of your containers, reducing the risk of unexpected failures or breakdowns.

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Why choose green box containers
For container inspection and certification?

When you choose Green Box Containers for your container inspection and certification needs, you can trust us to provide thorough assessments, expert recommendations, and timely certifications that meet the highest industry standards.

Our own certifications

Our certifications validate our commitment to quality, safety, sustainability, and compliance. Partner with us for reliable quality and peace of mind. 

Iso 9001:2015

Certificate number: 0121754 Issuing date: 7 February 2022 Valid until: 6 February 2025

Iso 14001:2015

Certificate number: 0121755 Issuing date: 7 February 2022 Valid until: 6 February 2025

Iso 45001:2018

Certificate number: 0121756 Issuing date: 7 February 2022 Valid until: 6 February 2025


License No.: 875090 CompanyType: SMEin UAE FinancialYearEnd Date: 31.12.2022


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