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Buy or sell brand new or used shipping containers via the Green Box Containers network.

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As a trusted name in the industry, Green Box Containers is your go-to destination for shipping container trading in the region. With a strong reputation and extensive experience, we specialise in buying and selling logistics containers to cater to the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. 

Whether you’re a logistics company, an import/export business, or a company in need of containers, our trading services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of container types, including 20’ standard, 40’ high cube, 40’ standard, reefer, and open-top containers. These containers are designed to facilitate efficient transportation, secure storage, and seamless logistics operations.

Contact us today to discuss your container trading needs, and let us help you source or sell the perfect logistics containers for your business. 

Quality containers at a competitive price

At Green Box Containers, we understand the importance of quality and reliability in container trading. That is why we ensure that all our containers, whether used or brand new, meet stringent quality standards. We carefully inspect and assess each container to guarantee its structural integrity, durability, and suitability for your intended applications.
One of our key strengths is our commitment to competitive pricing. We believe that cost-efficiency is essential in container trading, and we strive to offer competitive rates to maximise value for our customers. Whether you are looking to buy or sell containers, we provide transparent pricing and flexible options to suit your budget and business objectives.

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Whether you require brand new or used standard containers for general cargo, high cube containers for extra space, refrigerated containers for perishable items, or open-top containers for oversized goods, we have the right solution to meet your specific needs. Request a quote today and let our experienced team assist you in sourcing the ideal logistics containers for your business. 

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Our certifications

Our certifications validate our commitment to quality, safety, sustainability, and compliance. Partner with us for reliable quality and peace of mind. 

Iso 9001:2015

Certificate number: 0121754 Issuing date: 7 February 2022 Valid until: 6 February 2025

Iso 14001:2015

Certificate number: 0121755 Issuing date: 7 February 2022 Valid until: 6 February 2025

Iso 45001:2018

Certificate number: 0121756 Issuing date: 7 February 2022 Valid until: 6 February 2025


License No.: 875090 CompanyType: SMEin UAE FinancialYearEnd Date: 31.12.2022


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