Offshore container Manufacturing

Our container solutions for the Oil & Gas industry are designed to withstand forces other containers cannot.

DNV 2.7-1 Certified Offshore Containers

In the dynamic world of oil and gas exploration, offshore operations present unique challenges. Our offshore container manufacturing solutions provide the necessary infrastructure to support critical functions in this demanding environment. From equipment storage and transportation to housing specialized machinery, our containers, or ‘skids’, are built to withstand harsh offshore conditions, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your operations.
Quality is the cornerstone of our manufacturing process. Our offshore containers undergo meticulous quality checks and inspections at every stage to ensure their durability and reliability. We strictly adhere to international standards and regulations, including DNV 2.7-1, EN 12079, and CSC, ensuring that our containers meet the highest industry benchmarks.

Custom solutions for the oil & gas industry

Our expertise extends to various types of units, each designed to serve specific purposes and enhance operational efficiency in offshore environments. From cargo-carrying units to specialised containers for equipment storage, workshops, or laboratories, we work closely with you to tailor solutions that precisely fit your needs.

Built to withstand harsh offshore environments

With a deep understanding of the challenges and regulations governing the oil and gas industry, we prioritise safety and adhere to rigorous manufacturing standards.
We take immense pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Each container is meticulously constructed, paying attention to even the smallest details. Our skilled team of craftsmen ensures that every container is built to withstand challenging offshore environments, providing durability and reliability when you need it most.

With Green Box Containers, you can rely on our expertise to deliver high-quality offshore containers that are specifically designed to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us provide you with tailored solutions for your oil and gas projects. 

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Get in touch with us and unlock the potential of customised container solutions for your business. Our expert team is eager to discuss your project requirements, provide tailored recommendations, and offer competitive pricing. Get started on your container transformation journey by contacting us now. 

How we work

With our modern manufacturing facility located in Dubai Industrial City, we have the capabilities to deliver high-quality offshore containers. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and operated by a skilled workforce, our facility allows us to maintain strict control over the production process, ensuring superior results. 

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing excellent customer support throughout your project. From the initial design phase to manufacturing, delivery, and beyond, we work collaboratively with you to address any concerns or modifications, ensuring your complete satisfaction.


robust and reliable container solutions for other industries

We understand the importance of robust solutions in industries where performance and safety are paramount. From maritime to construction, mining to renewable energy, we leverage our expertise to create containers that excel in harsh environments. Our solutions offer secure storage, reliable transportation, and efficient workspaces tailored to the specific demands of each industry.

At Green Box Containers, we are committed to delivering tailored and dependable containers that meet the unique needs of industries beyond oil and gas. Discover how our offshore expertise can benefit your industry and propel your operations forward. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us create the perfect container solution for your business. 

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Our certifications

Our certifications validate our commitment to quality, safety, sustainability, and compliance. Partner with us for reliable quality and peace of mind.

Iso 9001:2015

Certificate number: 0121754 Issuing date: 7 February 2022 Valid until: 6 February 2025

Iso 14001:2015

Certificate number: 0121755 Issuing date: 7 February 2022 Valid until: 6 February 2025

Iso 45001:2018

Certificate number: 0121756 Issuing date: 7 February 2022 Valid until: 6 February 2025


License No.: 875090 CompanyType: SMEin UAE FinancialYearEnd Date: 31.12.2022


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