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Shipping Container Cafes

Where the impossible becomes possible with hard work and creativity, we do our best to provide the most comfortable shipping container cafes.

Why You Should Approach Green Box?

  • So far we were able to prove ourselves to our clients by our punctuality and originality.                                                                        

  • Based on the prior feedbacks gathered from the clients, we have proved to be 100% reliable.                                                   

  • Original and unique 2D plans will be provided by us on your approach and request.                                                                           

  • Trust is the word we thrive for. We give you our words, you give us your trust.


Why Choosing Container Cafes in Dubai - UAE is a Good Idea?

For further information, you are welcomed to read the complete guide on the shipping container cafes.

  • The moveable shipping container is a great idea for the café as it is mobile and flexible.                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Based on your budget, and the place you want you can choose to opt for the actual size container café or smaller.                                            

  • Container cafes are less expensive and have a low cost of maintenance as compared to container homes.                                                        

  • The small container cafes are a good option now because of the pandemic. Hence, take ways are a good decision.                                         

  • You can design and change the look of your container café anyhow you desire.

How Can You Make a Shipping Container Café?

Step 1: Read about the how being of container cafes on the official site of the Green Box, to be able to follow the procedure step by step.


Step 2: According to the ideas provided by you, the company will prepare a 2D model for you.                                                                          

Step 3: Once the model is approved, it is time to prepare the container café.


Step 4: Right after the process of preparation is done, the team of highly specialized people will be at your service to fix the café anywhere you tell them.


How much does a shipping container Café cost?

According to the size and the model you decide, the cost of the shipping container café will differ. For enquiries about the actual cost of each size, feel free to contact the team of experts who are ready to help.

The Statistics Gathered by the Company



Units Made

How to Enjoy Owning a Container Café?

Buying land to build your café, or purchasing a shop is an expensive deal and may cost you a lot. Having the ability to convert the shipping containers into a café is the best alternative.


You do not have to pay for the shop, you do not have to purchase the land. You can work full time and accept customers or like now work only as take away.


If you do not have enough purchasing power in your hands but you are a good barista and a coffee man, stick to your dreams and goals.

Green Box will help you to have your container café easily at less cost. Do not shut your dreams of getting success for the things that can be solved with great solutions.

The Best Designs and Plans of Container Cafe

Container cafes come in different shapes and size according to your budget and needs.

The models are placed below and you can choose from them. Have faith in our creativeness and we will surely leave your jaws open.

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