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Shipping Container Offices

So far in the world, thanks to the new technology and modern way of thinking, we have witnessed new and lux things around us. We are starting from impressive tall buildings to expensive and fancy cars.

All these happened because someone had a bright idea, and he penned down the ideas and made them to reality.

Shipping container conversion into offices, homes, bars, labs, and a lot more was also once considered impossible, but now, it is a great opportunity. Green Box promises to help guide you throughout the initial stages and provide you with the best shipping container office you can ever think of.

Get your shipping container office now and feel at your office even though you are at home.

Why Choose Green Box?

  • Walks the entire journey starting from the first step until delivering the final product with the customers.                                                                    

  • We guarantee fast and reliable work to please our customers.                                                                                                                                    

  • According to the feedback gathered so far, we have been able to amaze and satisfy our client.                                                                             

  • Before the final preparation of the container office, the experts will hand over a 2D model of it.                                                                                      

  • Your trust in us will make us work with more determination and enthusiasm.

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Why are Container Offices Worth the Wait and Pay?

For more detailed information, feel free to go through the complete guide available on the official website.

  • Shipping container offices are new ideas that attract a lot of people today.                                                                                                     

  • It gives you the feeling and the environment same as the actual building offices.                                                                                             

  • You can relax back at your office as much as you desire without any time limits and restrictions.                                                                            

  • The container offices are in different size and shapes, based on your needs and place availability.                                                                     

  • Container office can be less expensive and eco-friendly compared to traditional offices.                                                                              

  • To convert the shipping containers into container office, it only takes 30 days for Green Box to prepare.

How Can You Have Your Container Office?

Step1: If you want to be more explicit about the idea of the container offices, it is better to log into the official website of the Green Box and enquire for more.

Step2: Once you tell us about your preferences and needs, we will make a 2D model for you accordingly and hand over the model to you.

Step3: As soon as you approve the model provided to you, we will start preparing the container office for you.

Step4: After completing the process, Green Box will deliver the container office to the address you mentioned.

shipping container offices (3).jpg

How Much Does a Shipping Container Office Cost?

The cost of the shipping container office is not fixed in different types of container offices. For example, some desire big container offices for more space, whereas others prefer a single container office.

 Based on the size, design and number of containers used in the preparation of the container office, the cost will vary.

The point, after all, is that all the converted container offices are way cheaper and more budget-friendly than the traditional offices made from materials.

The experts will highlight the actual or the approximate cost of the container office to you once you enquire from the team of experts on the official website of the Green Box.

The Statistics Provided by The Company



Units Made

How to Have the pleasure of Owning a Container Office?

Having a container office to feel comfortable and relaxed even during the hours you need to work but not in the work premises is a great deal.

You can work as much as you like; you can get a space for yourself to gather your thoughts and relax your mind. All these pleasures can be yours if you approach suitable agents and experts.

Life doesn't have rooms more for a dull and stagnant lifestyle. People change; they adapt to the new and modern changes and technology. So can you.

Focus on your goals and do not stop until and unless you get close to them

The Best Design and Plans of the Container Office for You

The different shapes and sizes of the container offices are available with the specifications and photos in the samples provided below.

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