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Offshore Containers in Dubai and UAE

As a major container manufacturer and supplier in Dubai and the UAE, here in Greenbox we make sure that not only our clients can rely on us to provide them with any type of shipping container, we also make sure that we meet all the latest necessary standards for each specific type.

One of the most common and in demand types of shipping containers are offshore containers in dubai and UAE. Handling and moving offshore containers are much more difficult and more dangerous than onshore containers, and the rate of ware and tare is far higher in them. Also, containing disasters if there is an incident with an offshore container is much more difficult than with onshore containers. These reasons and some others are why there is a different standard with offshore containers. This standard, known as DNV 2.7-1, is a guideline which involves many things with regards to designing, building, moving and handling, and many other details with offshore containers in UAE. In short, the manufacturing of DNV 2.7-1 offshore units is a very specific task which requires care and attention for many details which are intended to increase the safety and practicality of offshore containers.

Safety and Quality

Offshore containers in dubai-UAE are different to onshore ones in many important ways. In order to increase safety and minimize damages and incidents with offshore containers, a standard was initially set in 1989. Prior to that, there was no notable difference between onshore and offshore containers, but the need for different offshore standards was obvious. This standard, known as DNV 2.7-1, is updated once every few years to make sure that the industry’s safety and quality standards are always up to date.


The DNV 2.7-1 standard sets guidelines for almost all aspects of designing, building, and handling of offshore containers. In case of the material used, it dictates the type of steel, rolled, forged and cast steel, aluminum, and all non-metallic materials. In case of design, this standard has a comprehensive guideline detailed to cover the entirety of the design process of an offshore container. It has entries concerning structural strength, stability, top protection, load distribution, allowable stresses, lifting and impact loads, minimum material thickness, pad eyes, forklift pockets, walls, doors, hatches, standards for bulky items or dangerous goods, and many other things.

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Offshore Engineering in Dubai and the UAE

As we explained above, manufacturing DNV 2.7-1 containers is no simple task, and since we offer our clients custom-made containers to take care of their very specific needs, all our offshore containers in dubai and UAE must meet all the proper standards. That is exactly what we offer, as for each case, we carry out a thorough study of all the details of the specific requirements of our clients. Any change in design of an offshore container must meet all the safety and quality standards set in the DNV 2.7-1 guideline.


This is why we are specialized in offshore engineering in Dubai and the UAE, because we offer any and all services regarding shipping containers right here, and it takes detailed engineering to carry out all the design and manufacturing processes involved with offshore containers.

Comprehensive Offshore Container Services

Other than manufacturing of DNV 2.7-1 offshore containers in Dubai-UAE, we offer full maintenance services as well. As we mentioned before, the wear and tear rate in offshore containers is far higher of that of onshore ones. This means that an offshore container’s need for maintenance is considerably more than the onshore ones as well. No matter what type of maintenance your offshore container may require, and whether you have acquired your offshore container from us or any other manufacturer, we offer all types of maintenance services to you.


Our maintenance services can be as simple as thoroughly cleaning the container, they can come in form of renewing all the coating and taking care of all the damages. We often take refurnishing jobs which require a series of tasks which result in a thorough repair and renew work plus updating all the equipment and installing new equipment if required. No matter the type of offshore container maintenance service you require, we can offer it to you with a very high quality.

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