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All You Need to Know About Shipping Container Pools

For a while now, shipping containers have made their way into structures and buildings. Not only as storage units like they were designed to in the first place, but as functioning parts of those buildings.

Shipping containers have many useful attributes as building materials, and many parts of buildings can be easily built by them. Among those parts are swimming pools. Shipping containers offer many qualities which could be very useful in a swimming pool. Here we will talk about shipping container swimming pools and a number of questions which are commonly asked about them.

All You Need to Know About Shipping Container Pools

Why Choose Shipping Container Swimming Pools?

There are many reasons for that. Shipping container swimming pools are cheaper to build than normal swimming pools. There is little construction involved with setting up a shipping container swimming pool. You could excavate a whole the size of the shipping container in the ground, and you could build a foundation for it, and although those are good ideas, they aren’t necessary.

You can just put your shipping container swimming pool on the ground if you have a hard flat surface that can take the weight. A swimming pool a couple of meters above the ground is not a problem, as you can use ladders to get inside them, or set them up in a way that you can get into them from the higher floors of a building.

There is also the fact that shipping containers are portable. That way you can add this type of pool to your rented house and then move the pool whenever you move away from there.

Do You Need a Foundation to Set Up Your Shipping Container Swimming Pool?

Not necessarily, but we highly recommend that you do build a foundation. When you fill up the shipping container swimming pool, it is going to be very heavy. If you don’t set up a proper foundation, the whole container pool can start sinking into the ground. There are many types of foundations you could use, but the best ones are concrete or steel foundations.

The type of the foundation very much depends on the location where you intend to install the shipping container pool. They amount of space you have, whether you have excavated or not, the type of soil or any other material underneath the structure, and some other factors can affect this choice.

Do You Need Planning Permits to Set Up a Shipping Container Swimming Pool?

Generally speaking, yes. Although rules in this regard are different around the world, it’s usually safe to assume that any swimming pool requires a planning permit. There are types of shipping container swimming pools which are not permanent, and are made to be moved around. Those shipping container pools might not need permits, but in any case, it is a good idea to be safe and check with authorities whether you require a permit or not.

Do You Need Plumbing Work to Set Up a Shipping Container Pool?

Not really. A shipping container pool can be completely plumbing free. You could do plumbing to connect the shipping container pool to sand filters, and if so, you have to have plumbing for the waste flow to either sewers or stormwater. You could also have plumbing for the overflow water or heating, but those are not necessary and come as personal choices.

All You Need to Know About Shipping Container Pools

Do You Need Electrical Equipment for a Shipping Container Pool?

In general, in order to keep your swimming pool clean and well maintained, there are some equipment that you do need. There are magnesium sanitation systems, water pumps and sand filters, swim jets and heat pumps, vacuum cleaners or robotic cleaners, UV sanitizers, and some other options. You need to keep the water in your shipping container swimming pool clean, and that requires electric equipment.

Do Shipping Container Swimming Pools Rust?

Any swimming pool requires maintenance, and if that is not done, there will be problems. The same can be said about shipping container pools. They are made of metal, and when you add humidity and metal together for long periods of time, there is a chance of rusting. That though, can be taken care of without much difficulty.

There are measures you can take to make sure your shipping container pool will remain rust-free. A very common method is to cover the surface of the shipping container with fiber glass. You could also use a zinc paint coat. If you keep your shipping container well maintained, it could remain rust free and function perfectly for many years.

How Much Customization Can You Do with a Shipping Container Pool?

A lot. You can choose between a variety of sizes to begin with, but you can do all sorts of things you can think of. You can add stairs into them, you can even go for windows on the sides if you go for above ground options. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, there are also various options that you can go with, such as UV sanitizers.

You could also go with manual or automatic pool covers. There are also under water lighting, or even speakers to hear music while submerged! Other options for normal pools are also available, such as splash decks. The options are countless.

Where Can You Obtain a Shipping Container Pool?

In Green Box Containers, we have been building and delivering shipping container pools for a long time now. Our experts have been repurposing and customizing shipping containers for all sorts of usages, including swimming pools, and they are ready to consult you about what are the best options for you.

We will prepare a virtual model for you. You can change this model as much as you like, and when you approve it, we will deliver your shipping container swimming pool within 30 days.

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