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Can Shipping Containers Be Used as A Garage?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Shipping containers used to be just known as those tough looking steel boxes which are good for transporting goods. Nowadays, they are used for many other purposes.

Shipping containers can be modified to provide the clients with anything they desire, from isolation rooms which are particularly useful these days during the pandemic, to offices that can encourage individuals to works from home but in an official environment, container pools to help in creating memories, and even garages.

If you are looking for a structure to protect your car, and you want it cheap and fast, shipping container garages are amazing options for you. Container garages are portable as well, and you can easily move the container garage to anywhere you desire.

Contact the Green Box experts and get updated further about the container garages and designs available.

Can Shipping Containers Be Used as A Garage?

Why Choose Shipping Containers as a Garage?

There are so many reasons for going with shipping container garages. First and foremost, they are very secure. Shipping containers are designed to protect what’s inside them against all types of weather for long periods of time. They are also made of steel and are very robust. With a proper lock, it would be difficult to provide more security for your vehicle with most other types of garages.

Shipping containers are already being used to transport vehicles overseas, so they are the right size. Another great thing about them is that you can easily modify them to fit your exact situation and requirement. If you need them to look different, it’s easy to achieve. If you want more space, you can add up two or more shipping containers together easily. If you want shelves, partitions, and anything else which would provide you with a storage space inside your garage, that is also possible.

You can have all of this, while spending much less money than anything that comes close in terms of quality and security. It takes a short period of time to convert shipping containers into garages, so not only you skip the entire hassle of construction work, you get the end product so much faster and save money on the labor as well.To summarize it, shipping containers are cheap, portable, secure, fast to set up, and their designs are extremely flexible.

Can Shipping Containers Be Used as A Garage?

Why Do We Need Container Garage?

You can opt for a container garage if you have vehicles but don't have enough space to park them. Not the parking issue alone; there is a matter of safety as well. To make sure your car is safe and secured and no one will steal it, break the glasses, or even puncture the wheel, you need a container garage.

Your cars will be safe in the converted container garage, and there is nothing to worry about as we can install security means that will make sure your garage is a safe place. Not only for cars, but if you have bulky goods that require to be stored and you do not have enough space to keep them at home, you can keep them safely in your container garage as well.

Container garages usually come in different shapes and sizes. It is totally up to the budget, space, and finally, the client's choice of how oversized the container garage should be. You can see the different fantastic container garage ideas that are available on the official website of the Green Box and if you have further queries regarding the garages, feel free to get in touch with our experts.

How Can You Design Your Shipping Container Garage?

Based on the choice and preferences of the clients, the container garages will be designed accordingly. The door of the container garage can be either big or only a bit bigger than the size of the car.

              Can Shipping Containers Be Used as A Garage?

Design Your Shipping Container Garage is actually quite easy. First you have to measure everything, from the entire space you have, to the space you want your garage to fill, plus the measurements of your vehicle. Once you have these numbers everything else is entirely up to you and your preferences. You can stick with the original doors on the shipping containers, or you can order custom doors, such as remotely controlled doors.

You can have those doors in the original location or have them installed on the side of the shipping container. You can put windows of any size you want wherever you want them, as long as they don’t compromise the structural integrity of the shipping container. You can go for two or more shipping containers to add as much space as you want. You can put in shelves and partitions if you want some storage space in your garage. You can have plumbing, and electrical wiring. Basically, whatever you have in mind, we can do it for you, and whatever you decide, it will be very economical, and it will be prepared very fast.

Where to Get a Shipping Container Garage?

Here in Green Box, we have a long history of building shipping container garages. Our experts have already built and delivered many different types of shipping container garages. We can help you with the design process, or you can come up with your own design. If you opt for having our help with the design, we will prepare a 2D model for you.

You can edit that model as much as you want, as far as the structural integrity of the structure remains intact. After you are happy with the design and give us the green light, we will start the modification process, and deliver your very own shipping container garage within 30 days.

If you are considering having a shipping container garage, you’re at the right place. Just contact us, our experts are ready and happy to provide you with all the details you need.

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