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Complete Guide on Clinic Containers

A shipping container clinic is a clinic that the conversion and modernization have made of the shipping container with the help of the Green Box and the team of experts.

Shipping containers are ideal because of their strength and durability, wide availability and the essential point, the low cost associated with the shipping containers.

The concept of shipping container clinics has been developed today by a lot of organizations. Healthcare is a very unique and, at the same time, an essential requirement for everyone.

Complete Guide on Clinic Containers

Shipping container clinics help meet the need in the rural locations, the areas that have been affected by the disaster and the possible scenarios available.

Shipping container clinics came into existence to be able to help and save more lives.

Options for The Construction of Shipping Container Clinics

Shipping container clinics can sound easy to make, but they are only accessible if experts in this field have years of experience.

Shipping container clinics are trusted to the Green Box, and you will be able to get your final clinic after 30 days.

Before preparing the final shipping container clinic, the experts will provide a 2D model for the clients and get their approval. Once it is approved, then the process of preparation will start.

There are plenty of options available on the official website of the Green Box, and you can go and check it yourself. If you like a particular model and desire to know further about it, you can easily inquire from our team of experts.

You can communicate with the team of experts in the Green Box regarding the model, size and shape of the container clinic you are looking for. You do not have to worry about the delivery of the shipping container clinic, and Green Box takes care of everything.

The Usages of the Shipping Container Clinic

As the owner of the shipping container clinic, you can use the clinic for several purposes. The container clinics are mobile by choice of the owner. Let us see the usages of the container clinics.


Shipping container clinics can be a good option for small dentistry. Depending on the requirements and availability of budget and space, you can choose to make it an excellent container clinic or small dentistry.

Handling tooth and taking care of oral health is very important and has a significant impact on the quality of life. You can have a shipping container clinic and help people by giving them good oral care and a giant smile.

Isolation Room

You can have a clinic and make it an isolation room for people suffering from infections and diseases. In many cases, those suffering from immune-compromised conditions require to be isolated to prevent the disease from getting spread all over to others. Hence, container clinics can have a significant impact as well.

Primary Care

Primary care centres are prevalent, and container clinics are used for this purpose. Whether you are a nurse or a doctor, if you can help save the people and have a positive impact on their health in a container clinic, you are an excellent candidate to have one.

Complete Guide on Clinic Containers

Test Centers

Shipping container clinics can be an excellent place for taking tests. You can even have a small container clinic and provide additional facilities required to handle the testing process of the patients.

With the help of the mobile container clinics, you can quickly move from place to place and assist by taking tests from people who cannot walk much or those who have no means of transport.

What Are the Modular Features of a Shipping Container Clinic?

When we say clinic, we talk about a health care unit. As health care units are furnished with the help of Green Box, they have the proper equipment and specific features integral to the clinic building itself.

The container clinic must have electricity and wiring options. It is for lighting and climate control equipment as well as the tools used in the clinics.

Plumbing can be inserted by us as well. In some cases, only a single sink is enough, but it is advisable to have a bathroom. The other option is that specific medical tools require water, such as dentist tools, autoclaves for the sterilization of the

devices, etc.

It would help if you implemented security. Even if the clinic is not very active and does not operate all days, there should be security, and it should be maintained, as clinics do have furniture and expensive equipment that are not easy to rebuy due to their high cost. When we say security, we speak about proper locks, door facilities, alarms and other means of preventing unwanted entrances.

If you think you can cover all these stated mandatory steps, then trust in Green Box and permit us to provide the best shipping container clinics for you as soon as possible.

Pros of the Shipping Container Clinics

When you think of using the shipping containers as a clinic, many benefits are tangible. Some of them are worth knowing.

Complete Guide on Clinic Containers

· Strength

Shipping containers are substantial, and they are prepared with robust steel. They have long durability and a great option when it comes to having a container clinic. It means that after the conversion of the shipping containers into clinics, you have a solid clinic that can have furniture and equipment in it. Container clinics are made in such a way to be able to tolerate and stand firm against outer weather problems.


Shipping containers have a very durable nature and are strong. The quality is so good that even after being moved from a location to other, it still stands strong and can function further.


Shipping containers are usually in a unique size. They have a standard size in general. In some cases, the owner of the container desires to make the size bigger or even smaller. It is highly related to the type of clinic, the budget, and the space the client has.

Simple to Convert

Green Box has experience in converting the shipping containers into anything that the client desire. Container clinics are not an exception, and Green Box prepares the clinic within 30 days and hands over the final clinic to the clients on the promised day.

Low Cost

Shipping container clinics are cheaper as compared to the traditional clinic buildings. You can easily afford a container clinic and get it delivered soon. Shipping container clinics are affordable and easy to maintain.


Shipping container clinics are very expandable, and you can even add to the container clinic to make it bigger or make it smaller. It is highly optional. The stacking process of containers is an easy task for Green Box, and it enables the location and the size of the clinic to be flexible for the clients.

You can find readymade shipping container clinics for sale, and the experts will tell you the cost during the inquiry or the purchase time.

You can get to know the exact amount or the approximate amount of the shipping container clinics once you get in touch with the experts at Green Box.

Saving lives is a blessed work and if you think you are capable of having a shipping container clinic and love serving your nation and people, contact us now.

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