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Complete Guide on Shipping Container Workshops

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Shipping container workshops are amazing solutions for many situations in which a certain type of workshop is needed.

They come with so many perks and advantages that the market and various industries are realizing their worth, causing them to become more popular every day. Here in this article, we will briefly talk about many aspects of shipping container workshops and why are they great choices to fill your needs for a workshop.

Complete Guide on Shipping Container Workshops

Why Choose Shipping Container Workshops?

If you are considering acquiring a workshop, you already know how many different options you have. Depending on the type of workshop you intend to purchase, your choices might be very limited or numerous. Here we list the reasons for which we believe shipping container workshops are excellent choices for most types of workshops.

They are Cheap

Shipping containers offer a high quality and durable structure, and since you can access shipping containers virtually all around the globe with ease, they come with very reasonable price tags as well. In order to reduce the costs even further, you can choose to convert a used shipping container into your workshop instead of a new one.

There is also the fact that all the modification process will be done in a factory in a matter of a few days or a few weeks at most, so not only it will be available for use very fast, you also don’t need to worry about much of a construction work in your location, meaning that you won’t spend much on labor for building a new workshop either.

They are Portable

This is one of the main reasons many companies and individuals turn to shipping containers. Every single shipping vehicle in the world is designed to be able to carry shipping containers, and that makes them amazing choices for those who need to move their workshop often.

For the structural quality they bring and the ease with which they are moved across any distance, shipping container workshops are very cheap options, making them optimal for those who need a mobile workshop.

They are Durable

In general, shipping containers are designed to last, and we are not only speaking about the structural design. Even the material from which shipping containers are built is carefully designed to be extremely durable, withstanding a great amount of pressure, humidity, and temperature without breaking or rusting. A shipping container workshop will be extremely durable and robust.

They are Highly Customizable

Just look at how many different structures are being built using shipping containers. Houses, swimming pools, garages, coffee shops, restaurants, clinics, offices, and so many other things are being built using shipping containers.

This great variety of buildings made of shipping containers is only made possible by the amazing customizability of shipping containers, so if you need a certain and unique design to accommodate the purpose of your workshop, you can simply implement that design or any other into a shipping container.

Complete Guide on Shipping Container Workshops

They are Eco-Friendly

When you choose to repurpose a shipping container, you are recycling a great amount of metal without having to waste any energy on melting it, and then spending a lot of energy again for building something new using that material.

Also, after you are done with your shipping container workshop, it will be easily recyclable again. You should also consider the fact that building any other type of workshop will cost much more energy and material and will probably come with a lot of waste in both.

What You Need to Consider Before Acquiring a Shipping Container Workshop?

Just as building or preparing any other type of structure would require, there are things which require attention before ordering and purchasing a shipping container workshop. There are many questions you should ask and be prepared to answer. Here are some of them:

Do You Need A Planning Permit for Shipping Container Workshops?

This can be different from case to case and from location to location. If your shipping container workshop is constantly on the move, you probably don’t need any permits for it, while a stationary shipping container workshop is more probable to require a permit. But in general, rules in this regard are so different in different locations that we think it’s always a good idea to check with the local authorities to be sure.

What Will be the Workshop’s Layout?

Obviously, there are many things to consider before coming up with the layout of a workshop. The placement of tools and equipment, the space required for operators of those tools, and shelves, cabinets, and other types of storage should be carefully thought of. For those who do not intend to move their workshop often, there is the option to use multiple shipping containers to gain much more space.

Do You Need to Build a Foundation For Your Shipping Container Workshop?

Generally speaking, if it’s not absolutely necessary, it’s a good idea to build a foundation for any heavy structure. Shipping container workshops can be set up on any flat surface, but if that surface isn’t rigid enough, the workshop might sink or move, and that can prevent a series of functions of the workshops to be properly accessible.

Complete Guide on Shipping Container Workshops

For stationary workshops, it’s smart to build a foundation. If the workshop isn’t too heavy that foundation can be a very simple one. For mobile workshops however, it’s not really practical to build a foundation for them every time they are set in a new location, so preparing a proper flat and rigid surface for them is highly recommended.

Do You Prefer Your Workshop to be Internally or Externally powered?

Almost all types of workshops require an electricity current. Even if the equipment used inside them doesn’t require electricity, you still need power at least for lighting and air conditioning. If you are certain that you will always have access to external power, you can just make the workshop compatible with an outer power source, but if you think there will be occasions in which the workshop needs to provide its own power, there are different options to provide that internal power. These options include generators, solar panels, and a few more choices.

Where Can You Order and Purchase Your Own Shipping Container Workshop?

Our specialty in Green Box Containers is to modify and repurpose shipping containers into whatever our clients demand. Shipping container workshops are among our popular and highly demanded products, so we have a lot of experience building them. We can be with you every step of the way, from design to delivery.

If you haven’t come up with a full design of your workshop yet, we will study your requirements and preferences and propose a plan using a 2D model. You can make as many changes to that model as you like, our only limitation is the structural integrity of the shipping container workshop. Once you are fully satisfied with the design and give us the green light, we will start the modification process, and deliver your shipping container workshop to your chosen location within 30 days.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding any detail of our work, or if you need a quote on the price of your desired workshop, contact us. Our experts are prepared to offer all the answers you seek.

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