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Containers for Sale in Dubai

Are you looking to purchase shipping containers? Do you need modified shipping containers? Do you have a special modification in mind, already have a design ready and are looking for a highly precise group to do the modification for you?

Here in Green Box, we take care of every and all types of shipping container needs. From simple high quality unmodified shipping containers to highly modified ones. If you require shipping containers in UAE, you don’t need to look any further, as we offer all types of containers for sale in Dubai and all of the UAE.Besides our shipping containers, we also offer all types of shipping container maintenance services in Dubai and the entirety of the UAE.

Containers for Sale in Dubai

Green Box’s specialty though, remains in modification of shipping containers into anything and everything our clients demand. If it’s possible to build something out of shipping containers, we will do it for you, and we do it fast, with high quality, and reasonable prices.

Here are some general categories of modified shipping containers that we offer, but remember that this is not all of our services in fields of containers in UAE, as we try our best to cover all of the needs of our customers when it comes to shipping containers, modifying them, and maintaining them.

Shipping Container Houses

Shipping container houses and accommodations remain among the most popular types of modified shipping containers. A house made of containers in Dubai is highly beneficial, as it offers all the great attributes which come with all shipping container houses, but because of the high availability of shipping containers in Dubai, they come at better prices. Be it small mobile houses or huge houses built using many shipping containers, if you are planning to have a house made of shipping containers in Dubai, we can do it for you.

Shipping Container Restaurants and Kitchens

Another very popular type of modified shipping containers in Dubai, kitchens and restaurants are easily and efficiently built using shipping containers. There are many events happening in many parts of the UAE all the time, and they require higher numbers of food venues concentrated in certain areas.

Shipping container kitchens and restaurants are tried and proven answers to these types of needs. There are few options which can offer the same versatility and services as shipping container kitchens in the UAE. Shipping container kitchens can be used to feed workforces as well, and since Dubai and the entirety of the UAE is constantly being developed and construction projects never stop, having a mobile kitchen to feed the workforces anywhere they are is an amazing and highly practical option.

Shipping Container Garages

Since shipping containers are used all over the world to ship vehicles, they are the prefect size to hold one or more vehicles. Plus, we are talking about a secure steel box which can protect the cars inside it from all types of weather conditions. Be it an addition to your house or a mobile garage which you move to where you will need to park your car, there are more and more garages being built using shipping containers in Dubai and all of UAE.

Shipping Container Pools

The UAE is a country with a lot of sunlight, and the weather is always amazing for going for a swim. For those who can’t have a normal swimming pool for any reason, shipping container pools are amazing solutions.

Containers for Sale in Dubai

Shipping Container Workshops

As we mentioned earlier, Dubai, and in fact the entire UAE is still being heavily developed. All these amazing buildings being built around require professionals, and those professionals require their tools and a proper workspace to do their job at the site of construction. Shipping container workshops are amazing solutions to avoid setting up new workshops at each site, saving a lot of precious time and money for those professionals and their employers.

Shipping Container Industrial Units

All around the world and in many industries, there is need for special equipment to be housed in a mobile unit, or a highly secure and durable casing. Shipping containers are one of the most common solutions for these types of situations.

Shipping Container Clinics and Hospitals

Be it in the middle of the desert, at the site of a special event, in a huge construction site, or anywhere else, mobile clinics are not only amazing to have around, they are vitals in many occasions. Shipping container clinics have proven time and time again that they offer every quality needed in a mobile health care center.

Shipping Container Garden Houses

Here is another popular type of modified shipping containers. Many people need a structure in their garden or land, and shipping container garden houses offer amazing quality, very reasonable prices, eco-friendliness, and every practical thing that one might need of such a structure. From tool sheds to small lodges and dwellings, shipping containers are excellent choices for this type of usage.

Shipping Container Police Stations

Just as mobile health care units are necessary for special events, law enforcement mobile units can prove vital as well. Police forces all around the world are using shipping containers to build mobile police stations which then they distribute in any spot in and out of cities which require police forces to be present.

You might intend to build something else using shipping containers. Something that we didn’t list in this article. We can assure you that we can build whatever you need. When you approach us, we will check all your requirements, your ideas, and your preferences. After analyzing every bit of data, we will offer you a 2D model which you can tweak and edit as much as you like.

Once you are satisfied with the design, we will start the modification process and deliver your tailor-made shipping container structure to your chosen location within 30 days.We offer shipping containers for sale in Dubai and all of UAE.

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