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Converted Shipping Containers for Kitchens, Bars, & More…

Updated: Jan 20

You have probably noticed the growing number of shipping container kitchens and bars. Whether in person or on the internet, most of us have become more or less familiar with the concept of converting shipping containers into bars and kitchens. This trend is not exactly new, but this rate of growth within their numbers is unprecedented.

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of shipping container kitchens and bars, and those reasons are actually the exact ones that are truly important for opening up businesses. Just like any other business, opening a kitchen or a bar needs to be profitable, and the decisions made before opening up a kitchen or a bar will directly affect how profitable they can be.

Converted Shipping Containers for Kitchens, Bars, & More…

Here in this article, we will talk about some of the best and most important things about shipping container kitchens and bars, and speak a little about why is it a good idea to at least consider them before making further decisions.

Why Should You Consider Modified Shipping Containers for Your Kitchen Or Bar Business

Economy Above All

Jumping straight into the single most important aspect of any business; economy and profitability. Here is a truth that most people are unaware of, although it will not come as a surprise to anyone; the majority of all restaurants, café, kitchens, and bars close down their business within the first year of operating. You are probably thinking of the many examples of this that you have personally witnessed.

The reason for that is actually not complicated at all; it’s a miscalculation. The business owners of those failed venues have missed their chance to make balanced decisions for opening up their businesses. Usually, within any new business, there is the question of how long will it take for the business to return the assets invested in it before opening up. The answer to that for the aforementioned unlucky business owners is not soon enough. So why do we think shipping container kitchens and bars would do better in this field? There are two major reasons. The first one is that for the quality they offer, there are basically no other types of structures that would be this cheap to build kitchens and bars from. The second reason takes us to our next topic:

Mobility Matters

The second reason shipping container kitchens and restaurants are more assured businesses than ordinary ones are that they are mobile. That means that if you initially don’t find the market you’re hoping for, you have options other than making any radical changes or closing down completely, you can move. There are different people living in different areas, and different people working in different areas. These different demographics have different needs, different tastes, and different budgets.

Plus, there’s also the fact that the number of these people can vary greatly from location to location. All of these mean that if you don’t find the success you’re looking for at the beginning, moving to another location has a great chance of improving the situation. You might offer some people one or more things that they’re looking for. This might simply be somewhere to dine or have a drink where no other options were available. It might be shorter commutes to find food. It might be better quality than local competitors. It might be better priced. It might be a new type of food or drink that nobody else offers. If you do your research well and find a spot where one or more of these things will come into play, you have a great chance of succeeding.

Shipping Container Kitchens

Recyclability and Environmentalism

We can’t write an article about new businesses in this day and age and not talk about the environment, especially since our topic has so much to say when it comes to this certain concern. First, let’s talk about the selfish aspect of things: unlike most other types of kitchens and bars, shipping container kitchens and bars will have good resale value thanks to their modifiable and recyclable nature.

And for those truly concerned about nature and our polluting footprints, there are just not many options that can compete with modified shipping containers. By modifying a shipping container, you have effectively recycled it, and have done so with a fraction of the energy needed to fully recycle this much metal. Then there is the fact that any part of it which you decide to cut off and get rid of is made of metal, and it will go straight to recycling centers.

If all of these are not enough, there is the fact that once you’re done with these modified shipping containers, they will be fully recyclable, and after being recycled, unlike other types of structures, they will leave no trace behind for nature to take over and dissolve during long periods of time. In fact, all of these have become an extra incentive for people to build any and all types of buildings using shipping containers. When it comes to being eco-friendly, few things can even come close to modified shipping containers.

Where Can You Get Your Own Custom-Made Shipping Container Kitchen/Bar?

You have already found our website, now if you would honor us with a little more of your attention, we can speak about ourselves a bit and convince you why should you trust us with your business. Here at Greenbox, our business involves anything and everything regarding modifying shipping containers and maintaining them. From design to modification, delivery, and maintenance, we have a lot of experience with very different projects of modified shipping containers.

We have already designed, built, and delivered many shipping container kitchens, cafes, bars, and restaurants, and we have a lot of experience with them. When our clients approach us, we will hear everything about the project. What they want and how they want it is our most important objective. Then we do our research to make sure we know all things required in the project. After that, we come up with a design and present it to our client via 2D or 3D models. Our clients are free to edit anything they want in that model. Once they are satisfied with the model, we take the project to our factory.

The factory is armed with all the latest necessary tools, but the greatest thing about the factory is the expert forces working in it. We are proud of the efficiency and quality we maintain in our factory, as most of our projects are finished and delivered within a month while boasting business-leading quality.

If you have any questions about our work, or just want to get a quote and know about our prices, please contact us. We would be happy to provide any detail you may be interested in.

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