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Different Types of Green Box Container Homes

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

As a company, we have been active in the business for a while now, and we are proud and confident to say that at this point, Green Box is capable of building any type of house using modified shipping containers.Modifying shipping containers requires knowledge, experience, and the right tools, and we have plenty of all three of them.

The quality of our work only indicates that the builder has proper knowledge of this line of work. The quantity of our work has brought us experience, and our factory has proved over time that it is more than capable of producing quality and quantity, and it can produce them fast.

Different Types of Green a Box Container Homes

If you are wondering what type of shipping container houses we can produce, we have to emphasize again that we can build anything you can imagine using modified shipping containers, but just to be clear, we have made a list. But before you go through the list, it’s important to be clear about a few things; one is that we can build anything out of shipping containers, even if it’s not on the list. And two; anything we build is not limited to one of these options and can be two or many of them simultaneously. Here’s the list.

What Types of Shipping Container Houses Can Green Box Produce?

Portable Shipping Container Houses

One of the most important reasons for choosing shipping container houses is the fact that they can be portable. The easiest shipping container houses to move are those which are made of a single shipping container, but we have built multiple types of portable houses which are made of two or more shipping containers. If portability is important to you, it’s something we have a lot of experience with.

Huge Stationary Houses

Some people think of shipping container structures only as temporary, small structures. Well, that is not true. In fact, there are many examples of huge shipping container houses out there in the entire world. If you are trying to imagine how can you build a big house that is an addition of small spaces the size of shipping containers, that’s not how this works.

When it comes to building large spaces with shipping containers, we can either cut sides of containers and join them together, or use the space between them and cover that space with other materials or shipping containers and create spaces as large as we like. With that in mind, there is no design which is even difficult to build using shipping containers.

Compact Houses

We already talked about single shipping container houses which are easy to move around. That doesn’t mean all small shipping container houses are necessarily portable. Many people just need small places to live in. Whether you own a small land or you want a small cabin to enjoy in your land within the woods or on a mountain, small shipping container houses are an amazing option for many people.

Some locations are just difficult to build a house in using normal material. For example, if you have a land high on a mountain, it’s probably a good idea to build a house elsewhere and move it up there. The fact that shipping container houses can have many designs despite their small size is just an added benefit.

Temporary Recyclable Houses

Another amazing perk with shipping container houses is how eco-friendly they are. A shipping container house is already a recycled bit of material, given the fact that it used to be a box used for shipping materials and now it’s a house. But there are many locations in the world, in which for one reason or another, it’s better for structures to be temporary.

It might be deep in the nature, where it’s better to not leave any trace behind when you remove the house, or it might be an urban area which is changing fast and whatever you build might need to be removed in a while. In those situations, not only you can remove shipping container houses with ease, you can also use them somewhere else or easily recycle them for their next cycle of use.

Luxurious Houses

Another misconception about shipping container houses is that they are only an option when budget is tight. That could not be further from truth. You can splash at a shipping container house as much as you want. Both the interior and exterior of shipping container houses are highly modifiable, and you can choose extremely luxurious materials to modify them with.

Think of it this way; a brick is the least luxurious thing you can imagine, yet there are luxurious houses built using bricks every day. If you have a grand design in mind, it can easily be built using modified shipping containers.

Shipping Container Apartments

Have you seen those gigantic ships which are designed to port shipping containers? Or you might have seen images of ports filled with those containers, full or empty. Shipping containers are built to be stacked on top of each other without any problems, while having no reinforcement other than their own modular structure.

Nine shipping containers can be stacked on top of each other, as they usually are on those ships or ports. Building apartments using them is not difficult or strange at all, given the fact that many designs can be implemented for those apartments. Shipping container apartments can be built in a matter of few days.

Get in Touch

If you are considering getting your own shipping container house, just contact us. We can build anything from the list above, and anything not on the list! If you have any questions regarding our prices, our process, or anything else, we are ready and happy to provide any detail you might require.

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