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Different Types of Green Box Shipping Container Clinics

During the past decade, the use of shipping container clinics has increased greatly. Especially during the past few years when the pandemic put a massive amount of pressure on the medical facilities around the world, and the capacity of clinics and hospitals needed to grow massively in a short period. Shipping container clinics are extremely versatile units which can be the solutions for many types of problems, and since they are cheap, available, fast to set up, and portable, they offer qualities which few other options are capable of matching.

Here in Green Box Containers, we offer any type of converted shipping container, and shipping container clinics have raised in popularity within the past few years. In this article, we will talk about some, but not all types of shipping container clinics that we can build.

Different Types of Green Box Shipping Container Clinics

Keep in mind that even if what you have in mind is not on the list, and even if we have never done it before, we have a lot of experience with shipping container structures of all types, and at this point we can make anything using modified shipping containers.

Here are some different types of Green Box shipping container clinics:

Mobile Shipping Container Clinics

One of the most important and useful reasons for choosing to build a clinic using shipping containers is the fact that they are portable. There are so many situations in which a portable clinic can be very handy, and there are situations in which they can be absolutely vital. A mobile shipping container clinic can be set up in locations in which it is very difficult to build a normal structure. Imagine a mountain top, or deep within a jungle. Shipping container clinics can be self-sufficient structures which can be the difference between life and death in remote locations.

There are also the cases of disasters, natural or human-made. Earthquakes, tornados, storms, or even wars can leave a great number of people injured and in great need of medical care. Shipping container clinics will be greatly helpful, not only in providing medical care, but also with providing hospital beds.

Stationary Shipping Container Clinics

In a lot of scenarios, shipping container clinics are those mobile units which come to people’s aid when they need it the most, but that’s not all the possibilities with them. There are so many examples of huge apartment buildings or offices, built using modified shipping containers. In a huge structure, spaces within shipping containers and also spaces between them are used to create rooms and corridors of different sizes.

The benefit of using shipping containers to use huge clinics and hospitals are numerous. Not only it will be cheaper to build a shipping container clinic than a normal one, they are extremely fast to set up as well. A gigantic shipping container structure can be set up within days of finalizing its design, so requirements for bigger capacity within the health care system can be addressed with these types of shipping container clinics.

Different Types of Green Box Shipping Container Clinics

Mobile Vaccination Units

Although we already spoke about mobile shipping container clinics, it’s worth talking about mobile vaccination units as well. During the pandemic, the need for vaccination rose to an all time high. While there were regions which could rely on their medical facilities, there were those which were short on space.

Mane cities and villages saw other types of buildings converted into vaccination centers. Sports centers, conference centers, and many other types of buildings were dedicated to COVID-19 vaccination, but not all areas have those types of buildings. Many smaller villages and rural areas required some type of vaccination service, and mobile vaccination units were used to provide these services to many of them. Shipping container vaccination units are great solution to these requirements, since they have the space to administer vaccines, along with space to store vaccination and all the sanitation material as well.

ICUs, CCUs, Normal Hospital Beds, and Other Hospital Parts

Shipping containers are modular units by nature, and that can be used to great effect in shipping container clinics and hospitals. There can be units built with one specific need in mind, things such as ICUs, or even operation units. Because of their modular nature, many of these parts can be built to contribute to multiple hospitals based on their requirements.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many types of shipping container hospitals were proposed, and all of them made great use of the modular nature of shipping containers. The capacity of a shipping container clinic or hospital, and its specific capabilities such as CCUs, ICUs, the number of beds, laboratories, and even kitchens and washrooms can be all determined by the specific need of the area.

How to Acquire a Shipping Container Clinic?

If you require any type of shipping container clinic, you’re already in our website and you can contact us. We have years of experience building all types of modified shipping container structures, and we can prepare shipping container clinics to meet your very specific requirements and standards.

No matter what we built, we adhere to the highest standards in the industry, and make sure that the quality of our products is our best way of finding new clients.If you have any questions regarding our work, or want a quote and want to check our prices, please contact us. We are happy to provide all the details you require.

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