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Different Types of Shipping Container Garages

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Not so long ago, shipping containers used to be only used as transportation storage units. These bulky steel boxes didn’t seem to be useful for much else, but those days are gone. Nowadays, we are seeing more and more types of structures being built only by using shipping containers.

But some structures are more suitable than others to be built by shipping containers. One of the more popular types of shipping container structures are shipping container garages. There are many reasons for which shipping containers make excellent garages. That’s why we see more and more of them every day. In this article, we will talk about why shipping container garages are so popular, and what are some different types of them.

Different Types of Shipping Container Garages

Why are Shipping Container Garages Popular?

They are the Right Size:

Most normal sized cars will easily fit inside a shipping container. In fact, shipping containers are used very often to ship cars from one location to another, especially when they are being transported over seas and water ways. A normal 20-foot shipping container can hold two normal sized vehicles. Bigger cars can be problematic to store in a shipping container.

Although most cars can easily fit inside, some of the bigger ones might encounter problems while opening their doors. Since we are talking about day-to-day garage use, we must make a note of this; if your vehicle is a bigger than the average car, go for a wider shipping container. That way you will ensure easy fitting and no problems while opening doors.

They are Secure:

Another very important factor for garages is security. There’s just no point parking a vehicle inside a garage if they offer no security at all. Shipping containers are made of steel, and their doors are designed to almost fully isolate the area inside them. If you put a good lock on those doors, breaking into them becomes very difficult. Plus, they offer protection from all types of weather. Shipping containers are built to protect whatever’s inside them from all types of harshest weather conditions over long periods of time, so with just a little bit of insulation, they would make perfect garages.

They are Portable:

Having a portable garage might not be something very useful for some people, but to others it can be invaluable. Imagine having a business that moves often and has to set up its own establishment every time. Imagine having to move an entire workforce to a new location.

Having the option of secure and reliable garages which are also easily portable is just perfect for those types of situations. Also, if you have a shipping container garage in your home or in a farm or anywhere else, you can move them with you whenever you change location and move. The portability of shipping containers is one of their most attractive attributes.

They are Cheap:

For the quality they offer, shipping containers are very cheap. Any other type of building which would offer the same amount of security and protection would require much more money to build, while taking a lot longer as well.

When it comes to shipping containers, you pay the money and it’s delivered to you pretty much free of any hassle. There is next to no construction required, and the little labor they require makes them even better economic choices.

They Come in Many Shapes and Sizes:

You can have a single shipping container, without any modification at all, and use it as your garage. It already has everything it needs to protect your vehicle. But there are many other types. From size to utility to designs, you can choose from a wide range of options.

Whatever your situation is, whatever you require, and however many cars you plan to fit inside them, shipping containers can be modified to serve that exact purpose. This takes us to the next part; what are some different types of shipping container garages?

Different Types of Shipping Container Garages

What are Some Different Types of Shipping Container Garages?

Single Shipping Container:

As we said before, shipping containers are used to store vehicles for long shipments, and they already tick all the right boxes when it comes to the protection of your vehicle. You can have a single shipping container and use it as a stationary or portable garage anywhere.

Multiple Shipping Containers:

There are many reasons to choose multiple shipping containers. If you need space for whatever reasons, you can always go with more shipping containers. Their modular nature makes them extremely easy to add up together to make bigger spaces. Just calculate how much space you have in your location and how much space you need inside your garage, and there are options available to you in adding up multiple shipping containers to meet your requirements.

Open Space Shipping Container Garages:

Not all garages are made to be locked, some are mostly there to offer protection from weather conditions, so a rooftop will mostly do the job. There are several designs in this regard, but one of the most popular ones is made by two chipping containers set up at the two ends of the garage with the main space between them.

They are then connected together by a roof. That way you can use the space inside shipping containers as storage spaces, and you can use the space between them as parking spaces. Of course, vehicles can be parked inside the shipping containers if required as well, that frees up the space between them for all sorts of other open space usages.

Multiple Purpose Shipping Container Garages:

Do you need some storage space in your shipping container garage? You can always add shelves and partitions inside them. Do you need a workshop at the corner of your garage? There are many examples of shipping container workshops.

This is why shipping containers are so popular as structure materials; they are flexible to all sorts of ideas. Basically, if you can fit it inside a shipping container, it’s easy. If you can’t, you just get more shipping containers and add them together until it’s achievable. Whatever design you have in mind, however you plan to use your shipping container garage, it’s possible.

Big Garages with Custom Doors:

A type that is finding more popularity is made by adding multiple shipping containers and inserting a customized door at a convenient side of the containers. These garages give you a lot of options, both regarding their design and looks, and with their functionality.

Where to Obtain Shipping Container Garages?

Here in Green Box Containers, we take new and used shipping containers, modify and repurpose them, and turn them into different types of structures. We accept any project regarding the modification of shipping containers, and have a long list of satisfied customers. Shipping container garages are among our fastest projects.

We can build them however you like them. We will be with you every step of the way, from design to modification and delivery. If you are interested in having a shipping container garage, contact us, our experts are prepared to give you all the details you need to have the best shipping container garage.

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