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Different Types of Shipping Container Garden Houses

Shipping container structures come in all shapes and sizes, and one particular type of these structures which is popular because of its wide range of uses, are shipping container garden houses. Since you can put them in any garden, big or small, and they are economical and easy to set up, shipping container garden houses are in high demand.

Here in this article, we will break down shipping container garden houses, their different types by usage and form. Stay with us until the end of the article to become more familiar with these useful types of repurposed shipping containers.

Different Types of Shipping Container Garden Houses

Different Types of Shipping Containers by Their Function

Normal Shipping Container Garden Houses

As their name explains, this type is just a garden house. Shipping containers are robust by nature, and since they are easy to transport and set up, they make excellent choices for you if you are planning to set up a small garden house without spending too much money or going though the hassle of construction.

Shipping containers offer all the qualities you look for in a structure suitable for a garden house; they are robust, secure, and highly modifiable. The fact that they can adapt to any environment with little modification makes them the popular choices that they are.

Shipping Container Garden Offices

Whether your garden is very big or it’s just a small one in your house, if you need an office space somewhere inside it, you can’t go wrong with shipping container offices. Shipping container offices can come in any shape or size you desire, and they can fit into almost all gardens.

It’s easy to turn a shipping container into an office, since the only structural modifications they require are doors and windows and some small utility details, and gardens make perfect locations to set them up to combine them with a good view and a relaxing environment.

Shipping Container Tool Sheds

If you need a place to store your gardening tools, there aren’t many choices which would do a better job than shipping containers. These steel units are built to protect everything inside them from all types of weather conditions while keeping them secure and intact, and that’s pretty much all you expect from a tool shed.

It’s also easy to alter their appearance to make them look not out of place in a garden. Usually shipping containers require some modification for being used as structures, but the changes they need for becoming a tool shed are minimal; you just need some utilities such as electricity to install lights, and if needed some plumbing. This is the type of choice which ticks all the security and durability boxes, while sparing you from the construction work of other types of structure, and does it all while being very cost-efficient.

Shipping Container Guest House

Always thought of turning a corner of your garden into a guest house but don’t want a construction project in your home? Shipping containers can be your solution. You can use one or more shipping containers to create a proper guest house, and while they offer every quality you would need in a guest house, they are potentially a lot cheaper, and they are absolutely a lot easier and faster to set up.

Different Types of Shipping Container Garden Houses

There are many designs which fit in a bathroom and a small kitchen in a single shipping container, but if you have the space for them, you can use multiple shipping containers to provide more space for anyone residing in your shipping container guest house. There are many other types of shipping container garden houses, it’s all about what you need and how you need it, so we will just stop here and talk a little bit about different builds of shipping container garden houses.

Different Types of Shipping Container Garden Houses by Their Build

Single Shipping Container Garden Houses

A single shipping container can be modified in a million ways, so it can serve a great variety of purposes. As mentioned in the shed section, you don’t really need to apply a significant modification to a shipping container to be able to use it as a tool shed.

As for homes and offices, you can squeeze everything you need inside a single shipping container, as it has been done in many forms and designs before. Shipping containers come in a few different sizes, so that comes in as a choice for the amount of space you need as well.

Multiple Shipping Container Garden Houses

If you need more space in your garden house than what is offered by a single shipping container, you can always opt for more of them. It is very easy to add two or more shipping container together in any form to provide the space you need.

You can have spaces designated as rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, or anything else you have in mind. Of course, if the structure is bigger, you would need a foundation for it, but a foundation is generally a good idea for any structure, shipping container structures included, and preparing a foundation for a shipping container garden house is nothing difficult, complicated, or expensive.

Multiple Story Shipping Container Garden Houses

For this type of structure, you definitely require a foundation, since it’s not wise to trust the weight of multiple filled up shipping containers to just dirt and unstructured ground. Once you have your design set and ready, you can set up that foundation easy and fast enough, and you are rewarded with a lot more space. You can also set up rooftop sitting areas to enjoy the view of your garden.

Where to Obtain Shipping Container Garden Houses

In Greenbox Containers, we are very experienced in modifying and repurposing shipping containers for all types of structures. We do our modifications in our factory, so all the work will be done by experts in a professional environment, and everything will be done with high precision and great quality.

As for designs, we can consult you for the design of the garden house you have in your mind, and we will provide you with a model which you can make modifications to. Once you give your final ok on the model, we will start our work, and deliver your shipping container garden house within 30 days. Take a look at our website and social media posts for ideas and inspirations and contact us today!

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