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Different Types of Shipping Container Offices

As our technology advances and more and more tasks are being trusted to machines and computers, more jobs are created which require computers and office spaces. The vastly different nature of these jobs demand different types of offices, and this large variety calls for many different solutions.

Shipping container offices are among those solutions, and since they are very flexible in what they can offer, their popularity is growing by the day. If you are considering a new office space, and contemplating whether a shipping container office is a good choice for you or not, stay with us and read this article to the end. We will be talking about different types of offices and what each of them can offer.

Different Types of Shipping Container Offices

Mobile Shipping Container Offices

There are many professions which require a great amount of office work, while requiring portability at the same time. While this was considered impossible or at least very expensive and inconvenient in the past, it is exactly what you can expect of a mobile shipping container office. You can have a single shipping container office, in which all the equipment you need is placed and fixed, everything ready to move to the next location at a moment’s notice.

Or you can have a great number of shipping containers, which do not resemble anything such as an office until they come together and are assembled in their new location. There are many options in between, like having many offices which would be moved together or individually based on each one’s designated priority or requirements.

If the workforces in these types of offices are big enough, shipping containers can still be counted on to provide more services. Accommodations can be prepared for the workforces using shipping containers. Shipping container kitchens can be used to feed provide food. If the work is hazardous, shipping container clinics can be set up to provide medical cares for them.

All in all, shipping containers are excellent choices for companies and organizations which need to offer the same type of service in different locations based on their current contracts. Having this type of operation saves a great amount of money and time, since the company will be self sufficient in most cases. Instead of renting new office spaces for each contract, getting into contracts with local restaurants, and renting accommodations to house the workforces, the group comes with their own solutions prepared to address all those needs.

Shipping Container Home Offices

There are many people working from home these days, especially after the pandemic. Not only most companies and organizations realized how practical it could be for their workforces to work from home, almost every company prepared the infrastructure required for their staff to work from home. There are many of us who wish they could have a space in their houses which they could use as an office. Using a home office instead of any normal space inside our homes can increase focus and productivity.

Many people have the space in their property to add a structure, independent and separated or connected to the rest of the house. There are different types of choices for providing that extra space and use it as an office, and we believe that shipping container home offices are among the best ones. They are conveniently cheap and very fast to set up. Realistically, there are no other types of structures which are this robust, secure, and durable, which would cost this little and offer this much quality, while also being available for use as fast.

Different Types of Shipping Container Offices

A modified shipping container takes less than a month to be prepared in a factory such as ours in Green Box Containers, and most of the work will be done away from your home, so you wouldn’t have to worry about long construction operations. A shipping container office in your yard or attached to your house can require building a foundation, but that can be done in a few days of work, depending on the size and weight of your preferred design. Depending on your requirements, preferences, and your available space, you could have more than just one shipping container, attached together to provide you as much space as you need.

Shipping Container Office Buildings

Shipping containers are incredibly strong and robust units. They are designed to be stacked on top of each other while fully loaded, and remain intact for long periods of time. They keep their cargos safe from all types of weather conditions, while carrying the weight of other fully loaded containers on moving ships. The recommended number of shipping containers which can be stacked on top of each other is nine. It’s no wonder that shipping containers are being used all around the world for building apartment buildings.

And what is an office building? It’s very similar to an apartment building, with the exception of spaces being more modular in an office building. Shipping containers’ modular nature is very obvious, and another reason for the suitability of shipping containers as the material to use for building entire office buildings. There are already many examples of shipping container office buildings all around the world. This idea might have seemed strange in the past, but now with all these examples, which are considered very practical and trendy at the same time, the idea just makes sense.

Where to Obtain Shipping Container Offices?

If you have read all the way to this point of the article, you are probably wondering if your certain type of requirement for an office can be realized in a shipping container office. If so, all you have to do is contacting us. Here in Green Box Containers, we have a lot of experience in modifying and repurposing shipping containers into all types of other things. We can modify shipping containers into whatever you want them to be, exactly the way you need them to be. Shipping container offices are among our specialties, and we deliver them with great quality, very reasonable prices, and in a very short period.

Our shipping container offices are tailor made according to the preferences and requirements of our clients. Once you contact us, we will gather all the data we can to realize what you need and what you expect. We will prepare a 2D model for you, and you can tweak and edit that model as much as you like, as long as the structural integrity of the containers are not compromised.

Once you’re satisfied with the model, we will start building your shipping container office and deliver it to your chosen location within 30 days.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and enquire. Our experts are ready and happy to provide all the details you need.

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