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Different Types of Shipping Container Pools

During the summer, any place which has its own swimming pool becomes very popular. A normal swimming pool is always great, but it might be something that is not an option for many of us. But for those who can fit a shipping container inside their yard, garden, parking space, or anywhere else in their property, shipping container pools are an amazing choice.

Not only they are practical and possible in situations when a normal pool is not, they are cheaper to have than normal pools, they can be set up in a fraction of the time needed to build a normal swimming pool, there is little or no construction required for them, and they are portable, so even if you live in a rented house or intend to move to another place for any reason, it’s very easy to move your shipping container pool wherever you go.

But if you go ahead and decide that you want a shipping container pool, what are your options? What are the types of shipping container pool which are available to you? Here in this article, we will talk briefly about different ways to categorize shipping container pools and some different types of them.

Different Types of Shipping Container Pools

How are Shipping Container Pools Categorized?

By the Size of the Shipping Container

Shipping containers come in a few different sizes. The standard ISO shipping containers are 8 feet (2.43 meters) wide, 8.5 feet (2.59 meters) high, and they come in two different lengths; the 20 feet (6.06 meters) and the 40 feet (12.2 meters). There are some other dimensions, but these two are by far and away the most commonly used ones. Needless to say, the bigger they are, the more expensive they are.

For having an idea of what to expect from the shipping container swimming pool of any size, keep in mind that unless you have a different idea about the cleaning system of the pool, they are installed inside your shipping container pool and take up some of the space, usually on the side where the shipping container doors are. Therefore, the final space available to fill with water is less than the total available space in a shipping container of any size.

By the Number of Shipping Containers Used

Just as is the case with most other shipping container structures, you can add two or more shipping containers together to have a larger shipping container swimming pool. This is a question of available space, and it’s entirely up to you and how much of your available space you want occupied by the shipping container pool. While designing this type of pools, you can decide which end of it should be filled with the cleaning system.

By Additional Partitions and Mechanisms

Shipping container pools are highly modifiable. Among all the options available, the most popular ones by far and away are hot tubs and jacuzzies. A portion of the shipping container pool can be separated and isolated from the rest of it, and it can be a jacuzzi, a hot tub, or a cool water pool, and of course, the same space can be used as all three of them in different times. Each of those require their own specific equipment, which in addition to the cleaning system will take up some space, unless you have a different idea.

You can have the pool designed only with entering pipes for those systems and have the entire cleaning system and all the pumps, heating, or cooling devices which are required for those choices somewhere outside the shipping container swimming pool. This might complicate things a little bit more and the shipping container modification company must have the exact specs of the cleaning or other systems you intend to use, but it also frees up some space to enjoy in the pool.

Different Types of Shipping Container Pools

By Interaction With a Building

Shipping container pools are known to be portable, but that is not a necessity, it’s just a very popular and useful options. There are some swimming pools which are not meant to be moved. They are installed on fixed foundations, and are even sometimes excavated into the ground to look like a normal pool.

Some people design their shipping container pools to be accessible through certain parts of their houses, such as second floor if the shipping container is installed on the ground floor. The limitations on what a shipping container swimming pool can be come with the nature of shipping containers and what the owner wants it to be, so if you want to have a specific design for your shipping container pool which would interact or be attached to your house or any other building, it’s doable.

By Accessories

Shipping container pools can come with a great number of accessories. Not all of them make sense in any and all situations, but some of them do. You would probably want some lighting in your pool and that is almost always practical and possible. But the most popular accessory for shipping container pools other than something as basic as lights, are side windows. This popular option is not available if you decide to have your ground excavated and put the shipping container pool inside the ground.

Other popular options are customized controllable lightings, underwater speakers, covering mechanisms, and many other options. If you have something specific in mind that you would rather have in your shipping container pool, just look it up online. If it exists for a normal swimming pool, it can be installed inside a shipping container pool.

Where to Get a Shipping Container Swimming Pool?

Here in Green Box Containers, we are very experienced with shipping container pools. Our limitations are mostly what our clients demand, and we are prepared to do whatever modification which our customers desire. When a client places an order for a shipping container pool, we will check all their preferences and requirements, and offer a 2D model.

They can modify that model as much as they want as long as the technicalities such as the structural integrity aren’t disrupted, and once they are satisfied with the model, we will begin the modification process. We will repurpose the shipping container, and have the shipping container swimming pool delivered to our client’s chosen location within 30 days.

If you have any questions regarding shipping container swimming pools, contact us. Our experts are ready to give you all the answers you require.

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