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Different Types of Shipping Container Workshops

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Shipping container workshops have been a proven unit among professionals and companies for a while now. Shipping containers offer so many qualities which are very practical and useful for building workshops, and since their prices also make sense for a structure of that quality, they became a very normal thing to see anywhere.

There are as many types of shipping container workshops as there are normal workshops. There are so many different ways to even categorize all the different types of shipping container workshops. Here in this article, we will try to point at different ways in which shipping container workshops can be categorized and separated into different groups and distinctions.

Different Types of Shipping Container Workshops

Different Ways to Categorize Different Types of Shipping Container Workshops

By Function

This is by far the most obvious way to categorize shipping container workshops, or any other type of workshop for that matter. The function and purpose of a workshop is the single most important distinction of it, and before any other attribute, the workshop will be known for what it does. If you’re planning to have a shipping container workshop for wood works and carpentry, that’s what you look for.

A much bigger and better equipped workshop which is designed for electric engineers is not something you would even consider. It will be the same for your customers (if you have customers), if they need electric repair work, they won’t look for a carpentry workshop, no matter how well equipped and great it seems.

There are countless different functions which shipping container workshops can perform. We say countless because at the end of the day, a shipping container workshop is built specifically for a person or a company, and since they are highly customizable, they can be whatever you would want them to be. Any type of equipment which can fit in a space built by shipping containers (we will talk about space later on) can be installed in a shipping container workshop.

By Mobility

One of the most important reasons behind the popularity of shipping container workshops is that they can be mobile. Many individuals and corporations need to have access to the same type of workshop in different locations through the year. Having a mobile workshop which is durable enough to be moved around while all the equipment is safely stored inside them and while everything is ready for being used is just an amazing option for those lines of work. There are simply no options other than shipping container workshops which offer this much mobility, space, quality, security, and price. Mobile shipping container workshops are just the more common type.

That however, does not mean that if you are planning to have a stationary workshop, shipping containers are not for you. There are so many great ways to build a stationary shipping container workshop. There are so many examples of people who just put a shipping container workshop in their back yard and use it as a workshop without ever intending to move it about. It’s just a structure with great quality and functionality, which comes at a good price and can be moved if you have to move.

If you intend to create bigger stationary workshops, this is somewhere shipping containers can shine as well. You can create many types of spaces using shipping containers. In many designs, many shipping containers are used to build a workshop, and the spaces inside shipping containers are used mostly as storages, while the spaces between them, covered by added roofs or even other stories built by shipping containers, are the main spaces used as workspaces. Stationary shipping container workshops are even more versatile than mobile ones.

Different Types of Shipping Container Workshops

By Size

Here is something trivial which sees big differences in its variances. Among the different sizes of shipping containers, the bigger they are, the more they cost. Likewise, the more shipping containers you use to build a workshop, the more it will cost. The need for space differs according to the purpose and the function of the workshop.

Usually, when people think of shipping container workshops, what comes to their mind are small portable units, while in reality, a workshop built by modifying shipping containers can be very big and not mobile at all. There are already great examples of very big building and even workspaces built by shipping containers, so don’t feel like you have a size limitation if you choose shipping container workshops.

By Equipment

Although the equipment installed in a shipping container workshop always follows its function, there is an important difference between those distinctions. The same general function can be broken into smaller details, which can mean that two shipping container workshops might be known to serve the same general function, but they might house different equipment for different aspects of the work, they might even be places in which the equipment for two different levels of the same operation is installed.

There are few limitations on what type of equipment can be used in shipping container workshops. If we are talking about stationary workshops, the space can and should be specifically designed so that the certain type of equipment necessary for the work can fit inside it. If the workshop is mobile, you have the limitation of size, but whatever can fit inside it, can be installed.

Where to Get Your Own Shipping Container Workshop

Our specialty in Green Box Containers, is modification and maintenance of all types of shipping container structures. That means that we can turn shipping containers into whatever our customers demand. Shipping container workshops just happen to be one of our most demanded products, so we have a lot of experience building them.

During our work process, we can walk along with you during all the steps. We can help you design the workshop, we can help you decide where to place it, and we will be there to answer any other question you have. We will prepare 2D models for you which you can edit as much as you like, and once you’re happy with it, we will start the modification process and deliver your tailor-made shipping container workshop within 30 days. If you have any questions about anything related to our work, contact us. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions.

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