Dreams of Having a Shipping Container Garden House

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Thanks to the new ideas and the bright minds, the creativeness, and the positive energy, we can have new things while making life simpler.

The shipping containers came to being and made our lives more creative. People have gained many advantages from the shipping containers, being used as a home, café, garden house, library, laboratories, and anything you can think of.

Shipping Container Garden House

Shipping container garden houses are a new trend that adds additional beauty and attractiveness to the house and even the garden. Container garden houses look very cute and gorgeous, at the same time very lux and heart whelming.

The idea of the conversion of the shipping container to a garden house is innovative and exciting. Based on your choice, you can purchase casual, open design containers along with a low investment.

Sometimes people think it is better to purchase less expensive containers and invest the rest of the money in the creation and desig Well, it is a great idea as well.

The Green Box can bring this beauty to your garden whenever you desire. The only thing you need to do is provide specific details such as the size, appearance, and even its location.

Imagine sitting in your container garden house in the mornings and enjoying the beauty of the day under the sun or feeling the cool breeze and the glam of the night from your garden house. Sounds fascinating and heart-touching.

After this, the Green Box will provide a model to you and wait for your approval. Once you approve it, the Green Box will start making your desired shipping container garden house. In case you are not happy with the model provided, you can add your suggestions, and they will do according to your wish.

The maximum time for preparing the shipping container garden house by Green Box is one month approx. The attraction of the shipping container garden houses is that it provides enough space and can be placed anywhere you desire within your property.

If so far you had a dream of having a container garden house, but you never knew how to, today with the help of the Green Box, you can achieve your dream and have one ll by your taste and preference.

Shipping Container Garden House

Can You Have a Shipping Container in Your Garden?

Usually, there is no need for prior planning permission for having a container garden house in your place, yet it is often asked. It can act as a garden shed as well.

But, if you desire to be on the safe side, it is better to ask about it your neighbours or the local authorities as we do not know which part of the world you are in and rules vary in different parts accordingly. The container garden houses will even look charming for the luxury container homes.

Having a container garden house in the backyard can be an excellent idea for the greenhouse as well. Adding beauty and even helping the air, two shots, and one target. Container garden house can be your favourite spot to have fun and celebrate occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and random parties.

On the other hand, it can be an absolute mood changer if you require to be alone and isolate yourself from others to have some time alone. The greens, flowers and the open sky visible from your container garden house are like water on fire.

We all need a small mood changer, a therapy area for ourselves. In our nature, it is often desired to be left alone, speak to no one, and see no one. To gather our thoughts, to make serious decisions, and to think. It is a fact that great ideas and decisions are made when the head is calm, and the place is quiet.

Shipping Container Garden House

Imagine sitting in your garden house along with friends over a cup of coffee in the day or some fun gatherings in the evening. It sounds so calm and relaxing. Garden houses can be a better idea because of the pandemic; all the spots to hand up are shut.

Now you have a place you know is safe and can easily have your great time with your friends and family, without even having to worry about the cleanness of the place, services provided, and people gathered there.

According to many people, shipping containers are not suitable for houses. Still, when it comes to open areas such as gardens and outdoors, it is a great idea to make garden offices, garden houses, libraries, and even cafes, etc.

Are Container Garden Homes Capable of Attracting Lightning?

Perhaps this is a question that strikes everyone's head now since container garden homes are located outdoor, and they are made of steel.

Lightning tends to attract anything. It is said that the ordinary house is at the same risk of getting hit by lightning as a shipping container garden house.

According to research made, objects get attracted to lightning if they are about to strike in close vicinity. The shipping container garden house is safe against lightning as a house made of wood or a concrete building.

In case your container garden house is tall and isolated, then having a lightning rod should be considered. Another way of protecting your container garden house will be to ground it firmly to the ground itself.

In this manner, your garden house will act as a faraday cage and direct the electrical energy right into the ground, keeping your house safe.

Keep in mind, grounding your container garden house will protect your house from the lighting, but not from material or personal damages.

Shipping Container Garden House

Will Banks Be Able to Finance for Shipping Container Garden Houses?

Getting to the point of asking the bank for a loan will include a mortgage or even a personal loan. While the process of conversion and construction of the shipping container garden house is on, you can ask the bank for a construction loan.

There is an issue often with the loan. As container garden homes are not standard, loan lenders may be nervous about offering the clients loan for this purpose.

Do You Need Permission for Having a Container Garden House?

Most probably, you do not require planning permission for having a container garden house in your garden.

Based on the planning laws present, container garden houses are effectively temporary buildings created and brought. They are mobile and can be moved easily.

As they do not have a permanent foundation, there are no issues regarding them,

but as a general law, you should seek permission for planning if :

· You are living in a very conservative area.

· If your home is considered a listed building

· and locate the garden house between the garden and the road outside your home. If you are from Texas, California, Alaska, or even Louisiana, you have nothing to worry about, as these states permit shipping container homes.

Why should you choose Green Box?

Green Box is specialized in producing high-quality containers for its clients. The containers are made of corten steel. Everything is made and handed over based on the specifications and preferences of the customers.

Aside from being one of the best shipping containers, they strive to please their clients with their appealing and outstanding experience, model and final work.

The 2D model preparation, which shows the clients how the final design will look, is a significant advantage. It distinguishes Green Box to another level.

Green Box is currently focused on providing environment-friendly and sustainable solutions that are very versatile and, at the same time, long-lasting. One of them is the construction of container garden houses.

Besides having these issues, it is excellent to create your own creative garden house made of shipping containers with the help of the Green Box. Give your home a new look and a brilliant feel.

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