Durable Container Houses

Have you noticed the increasing number of houses made of shipping containers? Shipping containers have been around as long as any of us can remember, but other structures, and especially houses being made of them isn’t that old. So why is that? Why all of the sudden and not so long ago, people suddenly started building shipping container houses? If containers are durable enough to become houses, and if they are suitable for the purpose, why were they not used to build houses before?

There are a few reasons we can point at for answering those questions. First off, in terms of durability, shipping containers have already proven how reliable they are. Many durable container houses have been built recently, but there are also older examples of them as well.

Durable Container Houses

As for why building shipping container houses is a relatively new trend, all we can say is that it took a while to be an abundance of them for people to start thinking of them as something other than the standard transportation means that they are. It also coincided with the rise of the need for recycling.

Why Are Shipping Container Houses Durable?

There are a few reasons for that;

Weathering Steel

Shipping containers are made of a very special type of steel; weathering steel, also known by the trade mark under which they were first introduced to the market; COR-TEN steel. This special type of steel was engineered specifically for shipping containers. It had to tick a few boxes; it had to be very robust, it had to come with a reasonable price, and it had to be resistant to rusting, effectively eliminating the requirement for being painted for protection against rusting.

Weathering steel is designed to maintain a very slim layer of rust on its surface, just as many other types of steel which are resistant to rust do. An example is aluminum, which naturally keeps an oxidized layer on its surface. This very thin layer is very durable, and unlike iron, does not fall off after a while, exposing another part of the metal to oxygen. Aluminum though, is not robust enough to be the material from which shipping containers are made.

While it’s not made of expensive and rare metals, weathering steel offers the best qualities from a range of very useful metals. This type of steel is amazing for building durable container houses which can withstand all types of weather conditions, since shipping containers are designed to protect their cargo in every and all weather conditions and environments.

Corrugated Pattern

This is one of the first things which comes to anyone’s mind when we think of shipping containers. Their corrugated metal walls are the most distinct visual characteristic attribute of a shipping container, and just like everything else about shipping containers, this too has been engineered for maximization of durability and robustness. A smooth normal surface would require less steel to build. It would be far easier as well, since steel production companies manufacture steel in smooth sheets.

But this is how important and effective this corrugated pattern is; in a project which has to cost as little as possible while being efficient, going for the corrugated steel walls instead of smooth steel walls adds so much durability to the entire structure of a shipping container that it’s never even questioned, it’s never thought of as something that can be overlooked in order to reduce costs.

Durable Container Houses

Using this highly durable and robust pattern in steel walls of shipping container has allowed them to carry incredible amounts of weight. The standard on shipping vessels is stacking 9 shipping containers on top of each other. Even if they were all empty, this would put an unbelievable amount of pressure on the bottom containers, and not only they are never empty, they are almost always filled to their maximum capacity.This is one of the most important reasons for which we are able to build extremely durable container houses.

Modular Design

Something else which was deliberately and thoughtfully engineered in shipping containers is how they can put together to be parts of a huge module. The standard nature of shipping containers allows many of them to be stacked besides and on top of each other while the weight and pressure is neatly distributed on the collective, rather than certain pieces of it.

This means that if one shipping container is not enough to build your house with, you can add as many of them as you wish. They are already made to be stacked on top of each other, so with a slight bit of reinforcement, huge apartment or office buildings can be built using shipping containers in a matter of few days, and that structure will be incredibly lightweight compared to the quality and robustness it offers, and it will also be extremely durable.

If you think durability and robustness is a reason to worry when it comes to shipping container houses, it’s really not.

Where Can You Buy Your Own Shipping Container House?

If you are looking for a place to buy a house made of modified shipping containers, you have already found one. Here in Green Box, our specialty is modifying shipping containers into whatever our clients demand. Shipping container houses and accommodations are something that we actually have a lot of experience with.

No matter what you have in mind, whether you have a design in mind or you would rather have us help you come up with a great design for your very specific need, or even if you just want a simple pre-designed shipping container house or accommodation, we can do it all for you. If you don’t have a design ready, we will check all your requirements and your preferences and offer you a 2D model.

You can edit and tweak this 2D model as much as you desire, and once you are absolutely satisfied with the design and give us the green light, we will start the modification process and deliver your custom-made shipping container house to your chosen location within 30 days.

If you have any questions regarding our work, our methods, and our prices, please contact us. We are ready and happy to provide all the details you may desire.

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