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Everything About the Shipping Container Restaurants

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Not too long ago, shipping container restaurants arrived and were thought of as wildly innovative ideas born from strange minds of designers and architects. That mindset regarding shipping container restaurants is gone now. They are no longer considered a novelty, something strange, or even innovative. Instead, shipping container restaurants are getting recognition for a wide range of qualities which make them actual practical options for many scenarios. Their popularity is on the rise, and it’s showing no sign of stopping its upwards trajectory.

So, why is that? How does a metal box gets to be a suitable candidate for becoming a restaurant? Here in this article, we will talk about why and when is it a good idea to build restaurants using shipping containers.

Everything About the Shipping Container Restaurants

Why Are Shipping Container Restaurants Good Options?

They Are Cheap

One of the primary reasons business owners have accepted shipping containers as materials from which restaurants can be built is the fact that it saves them a lot of money. It’s difficult to come by another option which offers this much quality while costing this little. The availability of shipping containers all around the world causes their prices to remain at a very reasonable range, and the lack of wasted material while building a shipping container restaurant means that they are very cost efficient, compared to normal type buildings which are always build with an abundance of wasted materials.

They Can Be Portable

Another very important reason for which people choose to start their restaurant businesses using modified shipping containers is the fact that they are built to be safely and easily moved around. For a restaurant business, being portable can prove invaluable. The majority of restaurant businesses all around the world go bankrupt within the first year of their operation.

That is because they fail to find the right market to regain their investment in an acceptable period of time. If you are capable of moving your entire restaurant to another location, you won’t have to worry about that, since you can always move to a new location to find the right customer market. There are already many shipping container restaurants which move around and go wherever there’s an event which causes people to gather around.

Everything About the Shipping Container Restaurants

They Are Eco Friendly

When you turn a shipping container into a restaurant, you have effectively recycled it, without spending nearly as much energy as it would take to melt the whole thing and using the metal for other projects. Then there is the fact that any parts which are cut off from a container to turn it into a restaurant (such as windows or extra doors) can be easily recycled.

That’s not all, as your entire shipping container restaurant will be easily recyclable after you’re done with it. If all structures made on earth were this friendly towards the environment, the ongoing global crisis would be far easier to handle.

They Are Highly Modifiable

From single mobile shipping container restaurants which could pop up anywhere, to massive venues which are not designed to be moved at all, from very modest designs to extremely extravagant and luxurious restaurants, shipping containers can be very flexible in what they offer. In general, people tend to think of any structure made of shipping containers to be there because the builder or the owner has intended to minimize the costs. That is true in many cases, but definitely not all cases. A shipping container structure can be a very expensive and luxurious building if that is the intention of its owners.

They Are Extremely Fast to Set Up

Building a shipping container restaurant of any size would require a very small fraction of the time it takes to build a normal restaurant of the same size and quality. In case of small single shipping container restaurants, they can be made within a few days, and in case of huge restaurants which have multiple floors and are made of several shipping containers, they can be set up within a few weeks.

          Everything About the Shipping Container Restaurants

There are examples of huge apartment buildings which have been set up within less than two weeks. This is simply invaluable for restaurant owners. First, it saves up even more cost, since the labor requirement is so limited. Second, the business can start operating that much sooner and it can generate revenue far faster than any other type of structure could.

They Are Resalable

There is always market for all types of shipping containers, modified ones as well. If you don’t want to keep your shipping container restaurant for any reason, there will always be someone who is willing to take it off your hands and give it a try.

Not only they would get a ready-made product which is ready to generate an income, they could easily modify it further to suit their specific requirements with minimal investment. Even if that’s not the case, all the metal used in the shipping container will never lose its value, so in case you don’t make a profit on your original investment when you sell it, you will definitely not face a significant loss.

Where Can You Get Your Own Shipping Container Restaurant

Here in Green Box Containers, we have gathered a very experienced group of professionals who are capable of doing the 0 to 100 of the work when it comes to modifying shipping containers, and we have given them the highest quality tools in a factory to make sure that our standards are second to none. From the design phase, to finding the right shipping containers and modifying them into whatever our clients demand, we will be walking along with you and all your ideas and requirements.

Some clients like to come up with their own designs, and some like to depend on us for turning their ideas into specific designs. In both cases, we will make sure that the design of the product has the complete approval of our clients. Then we will start the modification process, and after we are finished with that, we will run multiple quality check protocols.

If you have any questions regarding our work, or of you simply want a quote and want to check our prices, please contact us. We are ready and happy to answer all your questions.

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