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Famous Garden Houses Made of Shipping Containers Around the World

Buildings made of shipping containers are becoming more and more common to see all around the world. They used to be only temporary structures which are there to fill a certain need which could not be easily filled by other means. But as time passed, engineers, architects, and other experts realized their potential and started to look at them as proper material for building proper structures. Many different types of shipping container structures emerged, and there are still more of them being added to the list.

Among the types of shipping container structures which gained popularity very fast were shipping container garden houses. They are just incredibly convenient as means of building a structure in the middle of nature. They are very eco-friendly, easy to set up, and once you decide to remove them, they’re just gone, living no trace behind for the nature to try and dissolve.

Famous Garden Houses Made of Shipping Containers Around the World

There are many examples of amazing shipping container garden houses out there, ones which have blended perfectly with their surrounding while offering all the comfort any other type of structure could offer. Here are a few examples.

The Boomerang Container Home, Victoria, Australia

Bushfires are a common and devastating type of natural disaster occurring in Australia. This shipping container house was built after an awful bushfire that burnt down many dwellings in a large area. It ambitiously designed to have everything a home owner could desire; comfort, security, style, durability, and amazing market value. In terms of durability, its exterior is made of galvanized steel, not corrugated like normal shipping containers, and while it’s not combustible, it’s meant to reflect off most of the heat.

The house is made of three shipping containers, and sits on stilts which rise from the hillside. It’s highly insulated to provide a comfortable stay during the hottest days of summer and coldest days of winter. Its interior is beautifully decorated with ply, and since there are no corridors inside and one side of it is entirely made of windows, you will have a beautiful view of the outside no matter where you are in this amazing shipping container garden house.

Nairne Container House, Nairne, South Australia, Australia

Here is another great example of a shipping container garden houses hailing from Australia. It’s also a great exhibition of a greatly designed shipping container house with amazing resale value, as this one is valued around half a million dollars.

This beautiful house is built using four shipping containers, all stacked together horizontally to create two stories, each with a huge window in both ends, and since it’s located in a very beautiful area, you are guaranteed to have an amazing view whichever side you look out from. This shipping container structure could easily house an entire family, as it comes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a living area with a kitchen.

The BoHo Box Hop, Rockbridge, Ohio, The United States

This small but beautiful retreat house is located deep in the woodlands of Ohio, and is made of two shipping containers. The container on the top (20 ft) sits on the one at the bottom (40 ft) with an angle, providing slightly different views in each floor. It’s available for renting for a few nights, and it’s the perfect getaway destination if you like to be deep in the nature while also having access to all the comforts of a proper house.

Famous Garden Houses Made of Shipping Containers Around the World

The bottom floor has a living room and a kitchen, while the top one has a bedroom with huge windows to marvel at the beautiful surrounding while having a rest. If the views of those windows aren’t enough, you can just get into the top floor’s balcony for a breathtaking view of the entire area.

Copia Eco Cabins, Bot River, South Africa

We can’t speak of small shipping container retreats with great views without naming the Copia Eco Cabins. Copia Eco Cabins offer three separate shipping container houses for rent. They are located on a hill with a unique view of the surrounding area, which is a picturesque valley. It’s emphasized that the shipping containers used to build this beautiful retreat are all old and used ones, as the creators insisted on it being as eco-friendly as possible. Not only these cabins provide all the comforts needed for a couple to enjoy, they come with a wood fire hot tub on the rooftops. Another eco-friendly aspect of these amazing cabins is the fact that they are entirely powered by solar panels.

Where Can You Get Your Own Shipping Container Garden House?

As you could see in those examples, there is no shortage of breathtaking designs when it comes to shipping container garden houses. If you are wondering where and how can you get your own shipping container garden house, look no further. Here in Green Box Containers, we convert new and used shipping containers into a vast variety of other things, but we are particularly fond of building beautiful and innovative things such as these amazing shipping container houses.

If you already have a design ready, we can build it for you with the highest quality, and if you don’t have any design in mind, we can take care of that as well. Once you place an order, we will check all the details regarding our mutual project. Details such as every limitation, budget, and all your wishes and desires. Then we will prepare a design and a 2D model for you.

You can adjust this design and 2D model as much as you wish, and once you are fully satisfied with it and give us the final approval, we will start the modification process, and deliver your shipping container garden house to you within 30 days.If you have any questions regarding our work or our prices or anything else, please contact us, we are ready and happy to provide all the details you may require.

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