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Famous Houses Made of Shipping Containers in the World

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

A few decades ago, if a house was built using shipping containers, everyone’s guess would be that the reason for doing that is out of necessity, or lack of other options. Although shipping container houses still offer some qualities which few or no other options provide, necessity or lack of options are no longer the only reasons for choosing shipping container houses.

The low cost, high quality and durability, great versatility and adaptability, the eco-friendly nature of using recycled and recyclable shipping containers, the relatively short period required for building one are all important reasons for which people choose to build houses using shipping containers, but in each unique case, there are even more great reasons for choosing shipping container houses.

Famous Houses Made of Shipping Container in The World

Aside from all those reasons, shipping container houses are trendy, and have been so for the past few decades. Their popularity is only growing, and it doesn’t look like this trend will cool off any time soon. With that in mind, we have gathered a list of notable shipping container houses, each have gained a lot of attention for great reasons.

Grillagh Water House, Maghera, Northern Ireland

This beautiful shipping container house, designed by Patrick Bradley, is the firs every shipping container house built in Northern Ireland. It’s built using four 45 feet shipping containers, and it’s set up on the banks of Grillagh river. It has a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, and three bedrooms. One of the most amazing things about this house is that although it abides by a set of highly modern standards, it makes full use of the rural location in which it’s set up.

The top shipping container, which is the main living room of the house, has many windows built on all sides for the residents to enjoy the great landscape. It also has big balconies, which are formed because of the way the shipping containers are set on top of each other. This house is a great example of house you can have many things such as being eco-friendly, highly sustainable, very practical and durable, suitable to the rural area, and looking amazing while being comfortable, all in one house.

Carrol House, Brooklyn, New York, The United States

Oddly shaped, fully made of shipping containers, and located in Brooklyn New York. All of these together make Carrol House one of the best-known shipping container houses in the entire world. It’s made of many shipping containers, some are fully used in the structure, and some are cut to half or even smaller portions.

Famous Houses Made of Shipping Containers in the World

It’s three containers wide, two containers deep, and five containers high. Since it’s very spacious, you can find many different types of rooms inside, some made for living and gatherings, and some private rooms. The sloped shape which cuts through the shipping containers from the top level to the second one means that there are many windows and balconies on that side of the building, while the slope on the opposite bottom side forms the entrance to its garage on the -1 level of the building.

Carrol House is made of shipping containers and as such, it has cost far less than a normal building of the same shape and size to build, but don’t let that fool you. On the interior, this is actually quite a luxurious house, as its size indicates when all of this space is intended for only one family to live in.

PV14 House, Dallas, United States

This is an amazing example of cutting shipping containers’ walls and adding them together for creating bigger spaces, while also using the spaces between shipping containers to create even bigger spaces.

Designed by M Gooden Design, this beautiful and spacious shipping container house is located on one of the most elevated spots in the city of Dallas, and makes full use of that by having many windows to catch the view, a huge balcony on top to have an even more elevated sitting area, and many solar panels on the top to make use of the almost constant sun light of Dallas. The PV14 house is a two-story building, with a small third floor which is only there to give access to the huge rooftop balcony.

The Manifesto House, Curacavi, Chile

The Manifesto House is built entirely using recyclable, recycled and reused, and non-polluting material. Its designers James & Mau have designed this house as part of their eco-friendly project called Infinisky. This project concentrates on the fact that these certain types of houses are not only extremely eco-friendly and recyclable, they are also extremely fast to set up compared to normal buildings, as they all have been set up within a few days.

It’s made using two 40 foot shipping containers which sit on top of two 20 foot shipping containers, which are on the ground floor and perpendicular to the two larger containers which form the top floor. Its exterior is covered by repurposed wooden pallets, which aside from looking astonishing, help cover the container walls from the sun and keep them cool, while making room for air to circulate between the panels and the steel walls.

Where Can You Get Your Own Unique Shipping Container House?

Here in Green Box, we offer all types of services regarding shipping container modifications, from design, to execution and building, to maintenance. If you already have a design and are looking for a highly experienced and professional group to build a high-quality structure for you, we proudly offer our services.

And if you don’t have a design and looking for a group to do the entire project, we will take care of that as well. We will measure all your requirements and take note of all your preferences and offer you 2D models which you can edit and tweak as much as you like. Once you’re fully satisfied with the model, we will start the modification process in our dedicated factory and deliver your tailor-made shipping container house to your chosen location within 30 days.

If you have any questions regarding our work or our prices, please contact us. We are ready and happy to provide all the answers you need.

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