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Freezer Container Usages in Shipping

Shipping containers were first introduced to the world of shipping industry back in 1956. Although they were initially designed to offer a standard for truck shipments, they soon made their way into the ocean shipping industry as well, and not long after that, the need for shipping perishable goods opened the way for shipping container freezers (commonly referred to in the shipment industry as ‘reefers’). Now, it’s been many decades since shipping container freezers have become the only viable and widely used standard for the shipment of perishable goods both on land and sea.

Shipping container freezers are usually slightly modified to meet the requirements of their respective industry. Modifications such as internal air pressure, the amount of air flow, temperature inside, and sometimes shelves which allow proper airflow, which in turn would avoid the creation of any hot air pockets within the reefer.

Freezer Container Usages in Shipping

These changes highly depend on the type of cargo which the shipping container freezers are carrying, and that takes us to the topic of this article, which cargos are carried within shipping container freezers in the shipment industry.


The most obvious answer is food. Simply put; the international supply chain of the food industry will not survive without shipping container freezers. Before the introduction of shipping container freezers into the shipping industry, the supply chains all around the world were much smaller. No supply chain could count on any source other than local ones. The most efficient food supply chains were ones which covered slightly larger areas of supply and demand. Not only food could go bad during transportation, storing them required large freezers, and although they weren’t rare, they were neither easy nor cheap to build everywhere.

The introduction of shipping container freezers changed the entire industry, and did so very rapidly. Once it became obvious how effective they are, their numbers grew massively. These days, thanks to shipping container freezers, there is no loner a distance which is considered too far for shipping most types of food cargos. This has helped shaping much more than just the food industry.

Now, different places in the world can count on each other for different things. If you used to need a local food source for a population growth, right now all you need is an industry which can produce enough capital for buying food from anywhere in the world which can offer it. Massive parts of the world produce a very small percentage of the food their population consumes, and other parts of the world produce far more than what their own population needs. Without the options provided by the international supply chain and specifically, shipping container freezers, the world would look very different today.


Just like food, there are many types of medicine which require very specific air pressure and temperature in their storages. An obvious example is the different types of COVID-19 vaccines which were produced during the recent pandemic. Some of them just required normal shipping container freezers. The temperature they required was within the normal freezer temperatures. Some of them though, required far lower temperatures and as such, they required special types of shipping container freezers.

But make no mistake, not only every single one of them required refrigerated shipping conditions, they all specifically required shipping container freezers. That is because all the shipment vessels, both on ground or sea, are designed to move shipping containers around.

Freezer Container Usages in Shipping

Coming up with any other type of cargo container would require altering something in every single one of those vessels, and therefore it would require a massive unnecessary effort and cost, which then would be useless after the pandemic and would need to be reverted back.

The medicine industry is well aware of the possibilities and limitations of shipping container freezers, and they are very good in altering them to meet their very specific standards.

The Shipment Industry

While this is an obvious answer, it’s important to mention it as well. Many industries have their own shipping container freezers which are designed to meet their very specific needs and standards. But that’s not for every industry. Smaller industries might not be able to afford as many shipping container freezers as they need, and even if they do, it might not be logical for them to buy them at all. These days, the shipping industry itself has become extremely efficient, and a great percentage of all industries around the world rely on them for any and all of their shipment requirements.

Shipment companies know all the details of shipment of most cargos, and in very special cases, they are more than prepared to meet the very specific requirements of certain cargos. Since they own or rent many shipping vessels, both on land and sea and air, it makes sense for them to own or rent a far larger number of shipping containers of all types.

Cooled Storage for Events

Many businesses, industries, restaurants, or individuals turn to shipping containers when they require cooled storage rooms. The fact that they are stationary and not meant to move around doesn’t mean that shipping container freezers are not suited for the job, and since they are very available and come in reasonable prices, many use shipping container freezers as their stationary freezer storages.

But how about special events, where large number of people gather in certain locations for limited periods of time, or it’s the harvesting season and large stationary storages are required for a very limited period during each year? The solution for this type of requirement comes in form of reefers. Many shipment companies are well aware of these sorts of needs and are more than adequately prepared to provide shipping container freezers for them. These storages are not stationary by any means and are part of the shipment industry, but for specific periods of time each year, they are used as stationary storages.

All Other Types of Perishables

Food and medicine are not the only perishables which require shipment and storage in specific temperatures or air pressures. There are many other types of products in many different types of industries all over the world which would not last normal temperatures. Shipping container freezers are so vastly available and counted on that none of these industries have to be even slightly worried about the storage or shipment of their perishable products.

Where to Get Your Own Shipping Container Freezer

Here in Green Box Containers, not only we produce shipping container freezers of all types, we can modify them to provide the smallest details you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a stationary storage freezer container, a normal reefer of any size, or a highly modified freezer container for shipment purposes, we can build anything for you within a very short period of time. If you have any questions regarding our process, our products, or our prices, please contact us. We are ready and happy to answer all your questions.

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