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How Do Police Stations Use Shipping Containers?

Police stations across the world have been using shipping containers for a number of different purposes for a while now. The portability and adaptability that shipping containers offer can be very useful for law enforcement forces of any kind. Shipping containers are also very durable and secure, and their modular nature makes them ideal options for many scenarios for police stations.

From entire shipping container police stations to just storage units, shipping containers have proven to be very useful assets for police forces. Here we will name a few examples of how police stations around the world use shipping containers.

Portable Shipping Container Police Stations

Shipping containers have always been logistical units. When they started to make their way into being part of structures, they mostly maintained their portability. Since portable houses using shipping containers became popular, other types of shipping container structures came into the picture as well, such as shipping container offices, and law enforcement forces all around the world have always found portable offices very useful. That is why there are so many shipping container police kiosks and stations.

They are very robust, very secure, relatively cheap for the quality they offer, and can be put in locations in which they are needed, and even if data over long periods prove that they are not in the right location, it’s almost effortless for the police forces to move them to another location. There is also the fact that there are so many designs for them. Some are just offices for the police officers on site, and some come with their own storage units or holding cells. Mobile shipping container police stations are becoming more and more popular around the world, and there are not many other options for the police forces to replace them with.They are very useful, available, and economic at the same time.

Shipping Container Training Facilities

Police officers, especially special forces units are constantly training. Their training fields need to be highly durable, while not costing too much. They also need to be easily portable and changeable, since the same mapping and drill cannot be useful over long periods of time. Shipping containers are just very obvious choices for these training fields.

Many police stations around the world are prepared to do very quick exercises and simulate an actual building in which they will carry out their mission. Shipping containers can be rearranged to offer a somewhat accurate simulation of many spaces.

Shipping Container Shooting Ranges

Shipping containers are made of steel and are very robust. They are also modular structures. These attributes make shipping containers very viable choices as shooting ranges. Of course, their walls, roofs and floors need a little bit of reinforcement to make sure that no bullets will go through them, and measures should be taken for them to absorb bullets and not cause any ricochets or shrapnel.

They also need to be somewhat sound proof, but all of those are a given in any other type of building which would serve as a shooting range. Shipping containers can be added together to make bigger spaces if required.

Shipping Container Holding Cells

Again, the fact that shipping containers are modular and secure makes them very useful for the police, this time as holding cells. There are little modifications required for a shipping container to become a suitable holding cell, and many of them could be set up side by side to set up many holding cells. These types of cells can be permanent or temporary, and they could be set up as portable units when needed.

Entire Shipping Container Police Stations

Add all of the points we explained above together and you will be wondering; why not build the entire police stations out of shipping containers? The answer is that shipping containers can be used to build entire police stations, and this has already been done in many locations in the world.

The modular nature of shipping containers makes them great options for office type buildings, and their strong and robust nature makes them perfect for any type of building, large or small. A shipping container building can cost much less than an ordinary one, and economics of a building are always very important when they are being made by tax-payers’ money.

Shipping container structures are also highly customizable, and in case of future needs, they can be altered with far less effort, labor, and cost. Shipping containers are also easily altered to adapt to any type of environment and weather condition, as they are built to protect their cargos from the harshest types of weather. All in all, shipping containers check all the right boxes when it comes to what it takes to build a proper police station.

Where to Obtain Shipping Container Police Stations

In Greenbox Containers, our experts have been modifying and repurposing shipping containers to be used in all types of situations for years. We have a large stock of used and new shipping containers, and are ready to change them into whatever our customers demand.

Designing and building shipping container police stations is nothing out of the ordinary for our team of experts, but we can leave the design to police forces themselves and provide consultation if they require it. We modify our shipping containers in our factory, so everything is done with the highest amount of precision and quality, while keeping the prices very reasonable. If you are looking for any type of shipping container used by a police station, contact us, our colleagues are ready to consult you and provide you with details about our services and prices.

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