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How Long Do Shipping Container Workshops Last

There are so many different types of shipping container workshops. The simple fact that converted shipping containers check many boxes regarding workshops means that many occupations can enjoy them. From hobbyists wanting a simple workshop at home to professionals with particular tools, shipping container workshops can serve them all.

The reasons for the popularity and great functionality of shipping container workshops are simple enough to guess; they are relatively cheap to acquire and set up. They are portable and hugely convenient for many container workshop users. They are highly modifiable, which makes them perfect for being tweaked into the perfect work environment.

Shipping container workshops are also very durable, which will be our primary focal point in this article.

Why Are Shipping Container Workshops Durable?

It’s not just shipping container workshops; it’s shipping containers in general. Shipping containers are made from a specific type of steel called weathering steel, generally referred to by their genericized trademark COR-TEN steel. Weathering steel was designed and engineered specifically for building shipping containers. It was meant to be economical and highly robust, but most importantly, it was meant to resist rusting without being covered with paint or any other layer on its surface.

The way it resists rusting is similar to aluminum. A fragile layer on its surface does rust, but unlike iron and many other types of metal, this layer does not oxidize more and more with time, and it won’t fall off. Rather, it stays there, forming a protective layer for the rest of the steel. This means that shipping containers can remain functional for long periods while exposed to any weather.

When turned into workshops, shipping containers are often painted, giving them an additional protective layer. This prolongs their effective functionality span considerably.

Workshop Containers in Dubai

So How Long Could Shipping Container Workshops Last For?

Although any shipping container workshop could last a very long time, the exact length depends on many things. One of the most important things is the weather of the environment in which they are deployed. People in the more humid regions of the world are familiar with the fast wear and tear rate of everything in that environment. Even things not made of metal are more prone to being damaged through time in humid areas, and we are talking about shipping containers made of metal.

Other elements are essential as well. The area's temperature and pressure need to be considered too. Still, probably the most critical factor determining the lifespan of a shipping container workshop is how it is used. The nature of the work done inside it can significantly affect the length of the period a shipping container workshop can last. If a shipping container vibrates every day due to work being done inside it, that will surely start to show its effects in the long run. Other similar things which happen inside it are the same. Moving it about often can also reduce its lifespan.


All that being said, we are still talking about a highly durable unit. There are probably no other types of structure that can rival shipping container workshops for durability. These robust steel boxes are made to last and will outlive most or all other types of workshops in equal conditions.

Can You Prolong the Lifespan of a Shipping Container Workshop by Maintenance?

Yes, you absolutely can. As we said before, the simple fact that most shipping container workshops are painted makes them more durable, so if you make sure that the layer of paint adequately covers the entire metal surface every once in a while, you can be sure that you’re helping it last longer.

But maintaining a shipping container workshop doesn’t just include painting it. A workshop is a place of crafting, and many things might go wrong over its long lifespan. Although it would be better to repair significant damages to a shipping container workshop, it’s a good idea to mend the small ones as well, as they might worsen over time and require more effort and resources to repair.

In short, by properly maintaining a shipping container workshop and doing so often, you can be sure that you can significantly prolong its lifespan.

Shipping Container Workshop

Where Can You Get a Shipping Container Workshop?

Here at Greenbox, we do everything and anything regarding modifying shipping containers. Most of our products are unique since everything we build is highly customized based on the order of our clients. When our clients approach us, we make sure that we know everything about the project. Every detail matters as we collect information about what our clients want, how they want it, where and how they plan to use it, and every other detail that might prove relevant.

After collecting all the data we need, we come up with 2D models, which our clients are given access to, and they can edit and tweak it as much as they like. After ensuring that our client is delighted with the model, we start the modification process in our factory. This factory is armed with all the best tools to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. Still, more importantly, our factory is in the hands of a team of professionals with years of experience in repurposing shipping containers into a wide variety of things. Besides the quality we offer, the highly efficient work environment means that we deliver most of our projects within a month of receiving an order.

Our services don’t end with delivery, as we offer maintaining, cleaning, refurbishing, and all types of repairs needed for any modified shipping container.

If you have any questions regarding our work or our prices, don't hesitate to contact us; we would be happy to provide all the details you might need.

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