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How Much Does a Shipping Container Office Cost?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Shipping container offices are indeed a brilliant idea of convertingcontainers into something valuable and classy. Container offices can be either an addition to analready existing building or a new space in the area you desire.

Sometimes container offices are placed in the home area of the clients based on their needs and preferences. The idea of container offices breaks the boundary of limited working hours in the office.

Now you can even have an office feeling and work environment while you are at home. Sometimes just having a place all for yourself after work is all you need to gather your thoughts and stay focused. This is where shipping container offices excel.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Office Cost?

Container offices are comfortable and classy. The office design can give you motivation or the sensation you need while working. You can decide what you need inside the office, whether you onlyneed the office room or different things like washrooms and a small kitchen as well. All ofthese are based on you and your budget.

Why Are Shipping Container Offices A Good Idea?

If you are considering a shipping container office, you already know that they are cheaper, but is that the only reason to choose them? Not exactly, there are many reasons for these types of structures to be sound choices.

First, they are portable. That is no small matter to look over. Having an office which you can move around whenever you wish is very useful for many lines of work.

They are durable too, and are certainly more durable than anything within their price range.

They are environment friendly; the carbon footsteps involved in building and installing a shipping container office is far smaller than ordinary structures.

They are also very quickly set up. In Green Box, our entire process of design, modification, and delivery happen within 30 days.

The modular nature of shipping container structures could also be considered an advantage for an office, since you can order one specific design for many offices.

And we can’t talk about how cheap a shipping container office is without mentioning their low cost of installation and maintenance. The labor required for any of these tasks is minimal compared to what it takes to set up a normal office.

The Cost of the Container Office

The cost of the shipping container office depends on many things. The shipping container can The cost of the shipping container office depends on many things. The shipping container can be brand new or a used container, the size of the office you desire, the interior of the office based on your choice, the number of containers used in the process, and what is installed in the office.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Office Cost?

If it is just a single container for a tiny office for back home, the cost will not be much. But if it is adding two or more containers for making the workspace bigger, it could cost relatively more than just a bit.

However, the cost in both cases is affordable and lower compared to the traditional offices built with conventional materials. Shipping container offices are mobile and not fixed on the surface of the land. The time it takes to prepare the container office is unbelievably short.

It takes only 30 days to complete the conversion and modification of a shipping container into an office. In general, modifying a shipping container into being an office is a relatively simple process. You only have to have a general idea about how many shipping containers you intend to use and what will each space be used for. After that it’s just a matter of deciding where the doors and windows go, as the rest of the work is all according to standards.

This means that a shipping container office would cost far less than an ordinary office, and it can be prepared much faster. Some of the factors which affect the cost of a shipping container office are doors, windows, insulation, partitions, shelves, air conditioning facilities, stairs, floorings, plumbing and electronics, locks and security measures, and many more.

How Can You Enquire for More Regarding the Price?

Luckily, Green Box has a team of highly professional experts in shipping container conversions and modification process.

The experts are ready to provide you with consultation and answer all your questions regarding the container offices and their prices. You can inquire by giving details to the experts regarding the size, shape, and even the number of containers you need in making a container office.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Office Cost?

Thanks to the ever-advancing technology, everything is possible now. After you provide the details, the experts will give an estimate of the cost to you. Then, green Box experts will make and design a 2D model for you according to the elements and ideas you have.

You will be given the 2D model, and it is up to you to accept it or not. You can add your ideas to the model or ask the experts to make specific changes as you desire.

Once this process is over, it is time to start the conversion process. The conversion will take very short, and we will take care of the delivery process. We are here to help and guide. It is our duty to be by our clients' side and walk in the same path as you.

Life is easy when you have someone to guide you. Green Box has been the best in its work ever since it started its projects. Numerous samples are available on the official website of the Green Box.

Based on your requirements and choice, budget and availability of space, you can search the related container conversions on the official website of the Green Box. If you are interested in having a shipping container office, then do not stop. Start today. You take the first initiative, and we will guide you throughout the journey.

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