How Much Does a Shipping Container Pool Cost?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

As summer knocks on our doors, we always think about going to the beaches, swimming in the water under the scorching sun, and having fun.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, people are scared of gathering and having meet-ups. It is prevalent as we all are cautious about the daggers and seriousness of the virus, and we try to stay away from the crowd.

Green Box has a solution for this problem. The experts who are working hard in the Green Box can convert and modify the shipping containers into a swimming pool. The great news, isn't it?

How Much Does a Shipping Container Pool Cost?

Do not worry about anything. You may ask yourself now that are containers suitable for swimming pools? Yes! Thanks to technology and modern ideas, anything is possible today.

The cost of the shipping container pools is not high. Comparing to the dangers of being in a crowded place or the cost of the traditional swimming pool, the container pools are cheap and affordable.

Let us see how will the cost of the container swimming pools differ.

The Cost of the Container Pools

The cost of the container pools will vary depending on the type, size, and shape of the pool you desire.

Some pools have covers to them, and some don't, and it is evident that there is an additional cost for the cover of the pools. It is better to highlight and communicate your preferences with us during the time you inquire.

Details such as the number of containers you desire, the size of the pool you wish to be big or small, additional decorations like LED lights, designs, boards, if you require, should be mentioned before we start preparing the 2D model of the container pool for you.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Pool Cost?

Shipping container pools are often very cheap, and they tend to cost you lesser than traditional pools. In some cases, the cost of the pools will be high only if you decide to add the following to the pool additionally such as:

· Cover

· Lights

· Underwater LED lights

· Boards

· Type of the pool to be in-ground or normal container pool

· The pool being moveable or fixed to the ground

· A body with glass or fully container-based

· Heating option

Pools Prepared by Green Box?

The pools that are prepared and converted by the Green Box are available at different depths. You can use the pool for swimming and having fun with your friends and family members, suitable for therapies underwater, water running in sports addicts, or you can exercise in the container pool.

We will provide the best to you according to your preferences and needs. You can add other things that you desire to add to your container swimming pool, and we promise to hand the final project to you the way you expected.

Types of Shipping Container Pool

Shipping container pools vary in types. You can opt for a readymade container pool, purchase an already made model of container pool, or start the process of modification and conversion from the base.

The choice is highly dependent on you, your budget, and the availability of space. Custom made container pools are relatively expensive, but it holds all the great features and tools you desire.

A great alternative to buying a container pool is to build the pool from basics with our help. Our team is a group of highly professional and talented experts who will not let you down.

Do not worry about the pool being durable, as all the shipping containers are from strong, robust steel that has the potential to tolerate weather conditions, and it does not rust.

Summer is just a knock away. Get to work now, connect with our experts for high-ranking consultation, and get your container swimming pool as fast as possible.

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