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How Much Does a Shipping Container Pool Cost?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

As summer knocks on our doors, beaches, seas and oceans, and swimming pools become much more popular. Some people own their own pools, but for the rest of us, the idea of owning our own pool becomes a lot more appealing during the summer.

You might think that you don’t own enough space to build a swimming pool in your house, or you might not be in the mood to go through the entire hassle of building a swimming pool in your house, or you might even think that it’s going take a long time to build a swimming pool that by the time it’s ready to use the summer will be over.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Pool Cost?

Green Box has a solution for this problem. We suggest considering shipping container pools. You won’t need to spend much, you won’t need to worry about any construction work, and you won’t need to worry about having a big space. We will build and deliver a shipping container which will be tailor-made for your house and it will occupy as much space as you can spare.

But how much do shipping container pools cost? Are they really that much cheaper than building a normal swimming pool? Stay with us as we talk about what can affect the cost of a shipping container pool in this article.

The Cost of the Container Pools

The cost of the container pools will vary depending on the type, size, condition, and shape of the pool you desire, plus any accessory you decide to install in it.Starting from the more obvious, the bigger the size of the container you choose to repurpose into a swimming pool, the more it will cost. Also, the number of shipping containers which you decide to put together to make your pool will affect the cost.

A shipping container pool can be built out of new or used shipping containers, and obviously new ones are more expensive. The shape you choose for your shipping container swimming pool will also matter. The more elaborate the design is, the more work it will take to build it and obviously increase the price.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Pool Cost?

There are also many accessories which can be installed in a shipping container swimming pool, some of them are:

· Cover

· Lights

· Underwater LED lights

· Boards

· Side windows

· Different cleaning mechanisms

· Jacuzzi, hot tub, or cold-water pool and all their required equipment

· Underwater speakers

· Smart pool control systems

Pools Prepared by Green Box?

The pools that are prepared and converted by the Green Box are available at different depths. You can use the pool for swimming and having fun with your friends and family members, or you can choose an option more suitable for underwater therapeutic exercises, or the type of pool which is best for exercising and vigorous swimming.

We will provide the best for you according to your preferences and needs. You can add other things that you desire to your shipping container swimming pool, and we promise to deliver the final project to you the way you expected.

Types of Shipping Container Pool

Shipping container pools vary in types. You can opt for a readymade container pool, purchase an already made model of container pool, or start the process of modification and conversion from the beginning.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Pool Cost?

The choice is highly dependent on you, your budget, and the availability of space. Custom made container pools are a bit more expensive, but they can be perfectly suited to your needs and exactly what you would like to own.

A great alternative to buying a ready-made container pool is to order, design, and build the pool from basics with our help. Our team is a group of highly professional and talented experts who will not let you down.

And in case you have concerns regarding rust in a metal pool, don’t worry. We have our methods of preventing rust in shipping container swimming pools, and we will make sure that your swimming pool will require the least amount of maintenance possible for any swimming pool.

Summer is upon us, why wait? It has never been this easy to buy your own swimming pool!

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