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How Much Does a Shipping Container Workshop Cost?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Shipping container workshops are amazing solutions for a wide range of situations. They offer fully functional workplaces which are completely familiar to their staff and can be moved around to the location where they are needed. Many businesses and professionals are already using shipping container workshops, and new ones are built and delivered everyday since they have been tried and proven in practical environments.

A shipping container workshop can be exactly what its owners require. The tools installed in it, the workspaces designed, and the storages, plus all the facilities which are required to run everything smoothly can be designed in a tailor-made fashion.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Workshop Cost?

Shipping container workshops come in very different shapes and sizes. Each quality and detail about them depend on its very specific purpose, and as such, their prices can vary greatly. Here are some of the factors which can affect the cost of a shipping container workshop.

What Determines The Cost of a Shipping Container Workshop

Its Size

Shipping containers come in a few different sizes. Generally, there are the two most common sizes of 20 ft. and 40 ft. Those sizes have a few variations as well, and each of them can be suitable or not suitable for specific types of use. Some workshops require bigger storage spaces, some might require bigger workspaces, and since there is more space to spare in 40 ft. containers, they might be the go-to option for the uses which require more space.

Some other types of workshops do not require that big a space and 20 ft. containers could be sufficient for their needs and going with bigger options would just be added cost for more hinderance. Obviously, the bigger the container, the more it will cost.

New or Used Container

There are many used shipping containers in each port, waiting to be used again. Many people choose to modify used containers instead of new ones for a few different reasons. The most obvious one is that a used container is cheaper than a new one. The difference in price depends on the condition of the used shipping container, and a few other matters such as the manufacturing companies. If you have environmental concerns, it’s always better to go with used containers, since modifying them would be considered recycling material.

The Tools Installed

Each shipping container workshop is built to address a certain type of requirement. Professionals of different specialties require different tools to be installed in their respective workshops, and in many cases, it’s better to install those tools during the modification process of the shipping container.

Some tools are too large to just put inside a shipping container workshop after it’s been delivered. Not only they might not be safe (both for people who operate them and to other tools and spaces inside the workshop) they also might require a certain amount of space to be operated. The price of those types of tools and the amount of modification required to fix them can affect the cost of a shipping container workshop.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Workshop Cost?


Some people just require a simple workspace. A few fixed tables and storages to keep tools in would suffice. Others might require more. Some people tend to spend a lot of hours inside their shipping container workshops, for them, air conditioning units and other means of comfort are a necessity.

Some people might require minimal electrical wiring only for lighting, others might require more sophisticated electrical work. Some types of workshops require plumbing systems, which come with great variations and some are more intricate than others. Some workshops need to come with their own power supply. Each of these details can greatly affect the cost of a shipping container workshop.

The Amount of Modification

This might seem basic, but it will affect the cost of a shipping container workshop nevertheless. A shipping container workshop might not require many specific tools to be installed in it, but it might require very intricate design for specific tools or specific workstations. Some certain types of workshops require more details to be taken care of and more work to be done during the modification process than others, and that also can show its effects on the price tag.

Where Can You Get Your Own Shipping Container Workshop?

You have already found our website, so let us talk about our products a little bite. We are a company which specializes in modifying shipping containers into anything that our clients demand. With the exception of the design phase, all of our operation takes place in our factory, where a highly experienced group of professionals have all the tools they require to make any type of modification you can imagine to a shipping container.

We have already designed, built, and delivered many different types of shipping container workshops, and we are prepared to come up with a design which is tailor-made to meet all of your very specific requirements and desires. Our design phase will begin and end with you. We will hear all your requirements, check your specific situation, such as where and how you intend to use the workshop, and we offer you models which you can edit and tweak as much as you desire.

Once you are absolutely satisfied with the model, we will start the modification process and deliver your shipping container workshop within a month.If you have any questions regarding our work, or if you want a quote and want to check our specific prices for your specific needs, please contact us. We are happy and prepared to provide all the details you may require.

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