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How Much Is a Container Swimming Pool?

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Shipping container swimming pools are an amazing solution for many people who are interested in having their own swimming pool but cannot build a normal one for any reason. Some people simply don’t have the space, some live in rental houses and don’t want to invest in something they won’t be able to move, some don’t want to go through the hassle of a big construction project in their house.

A shipping container pool doesn’t come with any of these problems; it requires much less space to set up and it can be even set up in unorthodox locations if all the other conditions are in place. For example, if the structure is strong enough, a shipping container pool can be set up on its rooftop. Shipping containers can be moved around easily, so if you move away from your current house, you can just take it along with you.

How Much Is a Container Swimming Pool?

And shipping container swimming pools do not require any construction work, you just decide where you want it and there will be a fully functioning swimming pool right at that place in a matter of few days.

Among all the considerations which come when people are making a decision regarding acquiring a shipping container swimming pool, one of the most frequently asked questions about them is how much do they cost. There is no short answer for this question, as they can come with very different price tags. Here in this article, we will talk about what affects the price of a shipping container swimming pool.

What Factors Determine the Cost of a Shipping Container Swimming Pool?

The Number of Containers

When speaking of any converted shipping container, there is the possibility of merging two or more shipping containers to create more space. But when it comes to shipping container swimming pool, although possible, it’s not easy to simply merge containers for more space. In case of other types of modified building, they come with normal patterns of weight distribution, so merging them together can be just like stacking shipping containers together on shipping vessels, which is something they are built for.

But we are talking about swimming pool and the weight distribution of a considerable volume of water is not the same as the ones they’re designed for. A single shipping container can easily take that pressure with a little reinforcement, but adding them together raises many other questions. So, in short, it’s perfectly possible to build shipping container swimming pools using more than one shipping container, but not in all cases and conditions.

When it is possible, the more of them you use, the more expensive the pool will be.

How Much Is a Container Swimming Pool?

The Size of Shipping Container

Shipping containers come in a few standard sizes. The most common ones are the 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers, and each of those come in a few variations, such as their height. Obviously, for smaller spaces, it’s possible to cut smaller containers to fit the available space. Usually the bigger containers cost more, but that is not always the case. In many occasions, depending on many things such as time and place, the availability of one type of shipping container can greatly affect its cost. If there are far fewer smaller containers in the market, their prices can rise to be even more than bigger ones.

New or Used Containers

This is mostly a matter of preference of the owner. There are many used containers in most ports in the world, and a lot of them are in perfect conditions to be turned into swimming pools. In order to ensure the quality and durability of any shipping container, they go through a process which is almost identical for new and used containers. The only difference is that the used ones must be cleaned more thoroughly at the beginning. If a used shipping container is damaged, it’s usually not a good candidate to be modified into a swimming pool.

Obviously, new containers are more expensive.

Container Manufacturer and Modifier

Shipping containers are built in many different factories in the world, and just like every other product which is made by different producers, there are brands which sell their products with higher prices. These higher prices are sometimes perfectly justified and other times not so much. Then there is the company you go to (we hope this is us) where you order the modified container.

This doesn’t mean that you should have a container when you approach us for modification, but since we are talking about prices and what affects them, we thought it’s fair to list everything we can think of. The price of modifying shipping containers also depends on the factory in which it’s done, and we are confident that compared to the high quality and standards that we adhere to, our prices are very fair and reasonable.

Pool Options

There are many options which are up to the pool owner to choose from. The type of anti-rust coating, inserting windows on sides of pools, partitioning the pool for anything such as a hot tub or a cold water pool, the type of water cleaning mechanism, the cover of the pool, lighting and sound systems, smart systems which give you the control of the entire pool through a single panel or an application on your smart phone, and many other things can all be installed in a shipping container pool, and each of them with add to the cost.

Why Choose Green Box?

If we want to just list up the reasons for which you should consider honoring us with your purchase, we would say that we have a lot of experience in modifying shipping containers into swimming pools, we are very flexible in what we can build for our clients, we offer amazing prices for amazing quality, we offer great maintenance services, and we are very fast to build and deliver products.

We choose the best new and used containers that we can find for our modification processes, and we modify them in a factory equipped with all the best tools required to build a high quality product. Those tools are used by our experts, who are professionals with a lot of experience of turning shipping containers into whatever our clients demand, and they specifically have a lot of experience with building shipping container swimming pools, since we have already built and delivered a great number of them.If you have any questions regarding our work or our current and exact prices, please contact us. We will be happy to offer any details you might want.

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