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How To Attach A Shipping Container To A Wood Frame House

Today there are a lot of concerns regarding the process as to how to attach shipping containers to wood-frame houses? It is not a difficult task at all. The process may seem complicated at a glance, but it is not so only if you know whom to approach for help and how to do it. We will guide you to learn more and help you understand the process of attaching a shipping container to a wood frame house.

Initially, all you need to do is frame the shipping container House and then plan to install a wood frame in the interior part of it. Keep in mind the interior part is essential here as you will be dealing with the internal of the shipping container a lot. You will have to undergo the process of drilling right through the wall of the shipping container and then attaching a wood frame to it.

How To Attach A Shipping Container To A Wood Frame House

To Attach a Shipping Container to A Wood Frame House What to Use?

Choosing suitable wood or timber is a significant matter for this process. Always try to select the treated kiln-dried wood for the procedure. Choosing it will help take precautions against the damages caused by moisture to the wood.

There are high risks of water damaging the woods, and its consideration is really low. Remember that the shipping containers' walls are not square in shape. It is highly advised to create a square wall and even run a string line from the inward point of the shipping container internally and start working from there.

Make sure to avoid sweat while you are working on the process of attaching a wood frame to your shipping container. By sweat here, we mean the timber as we know, timber can sweat when it is placed next to the robust steel from which the shipping container is made.You can easily prevent this process by a thermal break mainly used to create a space between the steel and the chosen wood.

The Process of Attaching a Shipping Container to A Wood Frame

Once you have chosen the timber or the wood for the process, there is a lot more to consider.

The next step for you will be the insulation. As you have attached the wood frame to the interior part of the shipping container, the next step for you is to insulate the container.Keep in mind that you have to insulate the shipping container properly. So do it carefully and cautiously.

There are different types of insulation such as:

· Thermal insulation

· Fiberglass insulation

· Open as well as close cell spray

· And last but not least, polystyrene foam insulation

How To Attach A Shipping Container To A Wood Frame House

Once you are done with the insulation process, it's time to install the wall paneling. Keep in mind that you should place a panel overlay, and it is a significant step to cover the wall.

This process will make sure that there are no open spaces and seams, and by this process, you are done with all the technical works, and only polishing and painting of the panel is left.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Framing?

Wood framing is known to be a well-known traditional choice for construction. A lot of constructions today utilize wood framing to create a variety of buildings, and hence there are a lot of advantages to it once they are attached to the shipping containers.

The advantages of wood framing are stated below such as:

· Wood can impede the thermal energy more accessible, and later, it acts as a barrier for heat, unlike the steel framing.

· Wood framing is easier to find, mainly by the architects and the contractors. They are very familiar with the usage of wood framing instead of steel.

The disadvantages of wood framing are stated below such as:

· Wood framing has the potential of rotting.

· Wood can easily attract insects.

· Finally, it should be mentioned that wood framing is combustible.

Now that you know so much about the process of attaching a shipping container to a wood-frame house, you can imagine the ups and downs of the process. It is a simple task for a company such as Green Box. So if you require help or desire the shipping container to be attached to a wood-frame house, get in touch with us at the official website of the Green Box, and we will help you throughout the process. Why make life complicated when a company like Green Box and its experts are waiting to be at your service?

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