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How to Build a Shipping Container Home a Step by Step Guide?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The Green Box is a leading specialist in the field of container conversion in the region. The Green Box provides the clients the best-converted containers into anything which the client itself desires.

It can be a container home, library, laboratory, office, kitchen, hotels and villas, and anything you can think of.

Green Box has a very innovative and talented group that works for hand in hand to satisfy the needs and requirements of the clients. They can provide solutions, including a great design, manufacturing ideas, transport means, and even installing containers for their clients.

How to Build a Shipping Container Home a Step by Step Guide?

The containers that Green Box provides are made of corten steel and are painted with marine-grade paint. Hence, it creates a weather-resistant product for the clients that is cost-effective and takes a short time to prepare.

The process of container construction and conversion can be cheaper if it is pre-engineered with the help of experts.

Green Box has made it simple for its clients. You need to follow a few steps for ordering the container that is converted into anything that you desire.

The Step by Step Guide for Building the Shipping Containers

The step-by-step guide for ordering from the Green Box is stated in the following points. For the successful completion process, it is mandatory to flow the steps accordingly.

This is how the work process will go ahead smoothly.

Step1: The first and foremost step is to decide what you want to be created out of the shipping containers. Once you are done with the decision, you can place your order online at the official website of the Green Box.

Step2: Based on your choice, Green Box will prepare a 2D or a 3D design for your choice. The design samples will be handed to you for your final confirmation. You can add changes, suggest your ideas as well, and they will be edited based on your preference.

Step3: In the third stage, the sample is now ready, the client is happy with the model and the ideas. Additional changes have been made. Now it's time for action.

How to Build a Shipping Container Home a Step by Step Guide?

Green Box will start making and converting the shipping container into the desired idea. It can be your kitchen, data center, urban home, café, or anything you want.

Step4: The entire process of converting and creating the new project from the shipping container will take about three weeks to a month. Yes! As stated earlier, one of the advantages of container homes is the fast speed as compared to building a house with materials.

Step5: The final stage is installing the converted container home to the area and the period that the client desires. Green Box takes the entire responsibility of taking care of the project starting from the initial step till the final step.

Shipping container homes are a new trendy idea. Creative-minded people desire to be unique and have their own space. Containers are a great idea when it comes to creating creative spaces and bringing the ideas to action.

It should be noted that all the orders are made and created by the clients' specifications and as per the standards of the ISO. At Green Box, we ensure that the units are designed with a high quantity in a short period for our clients.

All thanks to the new ideas and the technology, we have everything we require today. We have great minds that work for the clients' satisfaction, and we trust our human resources.

Green Box is at your service and promises to provide the best for the clients that approach it. Quick results, great ideas, and magnificent output.

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