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How To Buy A Shipping Container Coffee Shop

Shipping container buildings are becoming more popular with each passing day. They are cheap and strong, which makes them ideal as building blocks, and they are flexible too. Here we want to talk about shipping container coffee shops, so if you are interested in opening a brand-new coffee shop and you’re weighing your options, consider shipping containers, because they have many attributes which are great for coffee shops.

Why Is A Shipping Container Coffee Shop A Good Idea?

They’re cheap: If you are planning to open a coffee shop, you already know how expensive it can be to open one. First you have to find the right location, pay a hefty down payment, and then pay a lot to convert that location into a coffee shop. A shipping container would cut much of that cost.

How To Buy A Shipping Container Coffee Shop

There is no down payment, and the money you spend on purchasing the containers will still be yours in assets. Plus, they are very cheap to configure and turn into a coffee shop.

They are portable: This option is amazing for a coffee shop, as we already see a lot of successful mobile coffee shops everywhere. With a portable coffee shop, you can move your shipping container coffee shop to various locations until you find the place where you are most comfortable and make the most profit. There is also the fact that you can move your coffee shop to special places for occasions and events to make the most of every situation in the city. Being portable is invaluable to a coffee shop venue.

They are durable: A shipping container coffee shop is your own property. It won’t be like a rented location which you have to leave behind at some point, so the fact that they are this durable and cost so little to maintain is going to save so much money and effort through the years.

They are trendy: We all love it when we find a coffee shop with a new and smart trend, and these days shipping containers are very trendy since there have been so many great examples of them in various usages. Each business needs to follow some general rules in order to find success, and in case of coffee shops, they need to be likable, cozy, and affordable. A shipping container coffee shop can be easily all of that.

How To Buy A Shipping Container Coffee Shop?

Here at Green Box, we are proud to offer the complete service of designing, modifying, and delivering shipping container structures. We will be there to assist you in any step of the way, from the design phase to modification and delivery.

First, we hear your ideas about what you want, then we prepare a 2D model, which you can give us your opinion about, and we update the project and get you new 2D models until you approve of the design. Then we build and deliver your brand-new shipping container coffee shop. All of this process takes place in less than 30 days. But what are the actual steps you need to take to get your shipping container coffee shop?

How To Buy A Shipping Container Coffee Shop

Determine your budget: Consider how much budget do you have and how much of it can go into the shipping container. You also need to consider that in case of an ordinary building, you need to pay a lot for the modifications, much more than you would need to pay to modify a shipping container. The budget you have will affect many aspects of what you can and cannot do.

Determine the size of the container(s) you need: This goes hand in hand with budget, but the size of your coffee shop is something you need to consider as well, you also need to decide how many shipping containers do you need in case you need more than one.

Find the right location: This will somehow dictate the size of your shipping container coffee shop. Finding the ideal location is important for any business, but keep in mind that your structure will be portable, so having multiple locations in mind will not be a bad idea.

Check if you need permits: Although you don’t need to rent a location, you still need to check if you can use a spot as the location of your shipping container coffee shop, as you can’t just put them where you want. The laws regarding this matter vary from location to location, but finding out where should you be able to place your shipping container coffee shop and where to get a permit for it shouldn’t be more difficult than the regular paperwork required for opening a coffee shop.

Get a finalized design: Decide the final design for your shipping container. At Green Box, our designers and experts can be of great help in this process. They have done this many times before and are well aware of the strengths and limitations of shipping containers. You can also do the design yourself, we will still build and deliver your shipping container coffee shop.

Take care of the safety measures: Any coffee shop needs to abide by some health and safety measures. Some of these measures can be addressed during the design and building of the shipping container coffee shop, and some of them need to be taken care of after the installation.

You might be asking how much will all of this cost? The answer is that it depends on so many things that putting a solid figure here would be misleading. Get in touch with us, tell us about your ideas, and we will give you an idea about how much would it cost. But now that you’re already considering the idea of a shipping container coffee shop, search around, on our websites, social media, or the web, get us your ideas and we will make them realities for you.

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