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How to Convert a Shipping Container into a Kitchen

Shipping container kitchens, both mobile and stationary, are becoming more and more popular. The mobile ones are among the best types of portable food service, since they have a lot of space both for storage and for the kitchen staff to work, while being fully independent since they come with their own power sources.

Stationary shipping kitchens container are also finding great market. The small ones can offer the same types of services the mobile ones do but without moving, and the big ones can feed huge numbers of people.

How to Convert a Shipping Container into a Kitchen

If you wonder how the rough looking metal boxes which are shipping containers can be converted into lean looking kitchens, the answer is both simple and complicated. The simple version is that you find a company like us. We offer all types of shipping container conversion services.

We do our work with high quality (which we always check multiple times) and we do it fast. Converting a shipping container into a kitchen could be a difficult task if not done by professionals, and it could take a long time. We can offer you tailor-made shipping container kitchens which are prepared within a few days.But the long version is that we check a lot of things with our customers always take care of everything according to clients’ needs and desires. Here are a few stages of our work.

Studying the Situation

Just as building any other shop dictates, many things should be checked before making decisions. There are so many questions which need answers before we can move on to the next step. Here are a few of them;

Mobile or Stationary

One of the most important reasons for which people turn to shipping containers for building kitchens is that they are excellent mobile units. Not only they are easily portable, they offer a lot of space which makes a lot of difference for mobile kitchens. They can also come with their own power sources to cover everything within one conveniently sized package.

That is not to say stationary shipping container kitchens are without their own appeal. Aside from moving, anything a mobile shipping container kitchen can do, a stationary one can do as well. Plus, there are many options provided by shipping container kitchens.

Location-Based Necessities

The location in which a shipping container kitchen will be used is very important in figuring out multiple details. A shipping container kitchen built to serve food in a tropical urban area is very different to one which is made to offer food on a high mountain top. Things such as insulation, power sources, plumbing and greywater management, air conditioning and heating units, and many more things are all dictated by the environment in which the kitchen container will be used.

Type of Kitchen

This is completely up to the client. What type of food will this kitchen serve? To how many estimated customers? What type of special equipment does it need to prepare that certain type of food? Who are the target customers? How much space will it need to store ingredients? How many staff will it need to operate? How much space do the staff need to work? It’s very important to have a clear idea about all of these questions and many more before moving on to the next stages.

How to Convert a Shipping Container into a Kitchen


After gathering all the data about the necessities of the project, we start the design process. This is where we get to learn about the clients’ specific tastes and preferences. Our work flow is like this; we prepare a 2D model based on all the data we have gathered plus the specific preferences of our clients. Once we share this model with a client, they are free to make as many changes to the model as they like. The only limitation is that the structural integrity of the container should remain intact. We always wait for our clients to be fully satisfied with the models before starting the modification process.

Some of our clients come up with their own designs as well. We only check these designs to make sure that everything (including that all-important structural integrity) is in order and move on to the next step. There are also many great examples of successful and highly practical shipping container restaurants out there, and many people just tend to choose one of those to copy. Some amazing designs have changed how people interact with shipping container kitchens Container, and many business owners tend to go with them since they have a very high success rate.

Modification Process

We convert shipping containers into a wide variety of other things in our factory. All the work is done in a safe environment by highly trained and experienced professionals. We also have all the right tools needed to do any type of modification to a shipping container; from large cuts and welding to very small details. This highly efficient environment, managed by a veteran crew, is the reason we can offer both quality and fast productions. Usually, we deliver any project within 30 days after the completion of the design. If more time is required, that is due to large type of the order or high amounts of details.

Where Can You Get Your Own Shipping Container Kitchen

You have already found our website, and we have talked about our work process. Green Box is and has always been committed to maximum customer satisfaction. We make high quality tailor-made converted shipping containers of all types, and shipping container kitchens Container are among our very popular products.

If you have any questions regarding our work or simply want to get quotes and check prices, please contact us. We are ready and happy to provide any detail you may require.

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