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How to Convert a Shipping Container into an Office

During the past few years, the number of shipping container offices has grown exponentially. The reason? It’s not just one or two of them, there are so many reasons in general for choosing to build an office using shipping containers, and depending on the type of office, there could be even more. Shipping container structures are very cheap in general, at least when you consider the quality they are offering. They are eco-friendly in so many different ways. They are extremely fast to set up, and they can be portable.

So how are those rough looking steel boxes turned into offices? The answer is easy; in a factory full of experts. Or that’s just the fastest, most convenient, and of highest quality you can get.

How to Convert a Shipping Container into an Office

In our factory, we have all the tools needed to convert shipping containers into anything our clients demand, and years of practice has made our experts the people you want to go to.There are however, things you should consider, questions you should be ready to answer when you contact us. Some of these questions are;

Do You Want to Convert Used Containers or New Ones?

This is a simple question which can significantly affect the price of your shipping container office, and if you are planning to acquire a big number of shipping container offices, or just a few big ones, that difference in price will be even bigger. There are pros and cons to choosing used shipping containers. They are cheaper, and you would be choosing the more eco friendly choice.

But keep in mind that not all used shipping containers are suitable for being converted into an office. Some shipping containers might have been used to transport hazardous cargos, and some of those might leave lasting effects on the shipping container, and as such, they might be dangerous to spend many hours in. Since in most cases, there is no practical way to check all the cargos that a used shipping container has transported in its life span, it might not be a good idea to go for used shipping containers, but if there is a way to be certain about the history of a shipping container, there is absolutely no harm with choosing it to build an office with.

Portable or Stationary?

One of the most popular qualities of shipping containers is the fact that they are easily moved around. For some types of businesses, it’s absolutely essential to have portable offices, and for some others it’s just very convenient. Shipping container offices provide a quality in portable offices which few other options can match. Their robust nature, which is designed for being moved, makes sure that everything in the office can stay intact. A single shipping container office is very easy to move around, but there are so many examples of many of them being moved to new locations. Some corporations even use shipping container kitchens to move with their office to easily feed their workforces wherever they go without having to depend on local restaurants, which also saves a lot of money.

How to Convert a Shipping Container into an Office

Stationary shipping container offices are nothing new or strange either. Shipping containers are often stacked on top of each other on ships or in ports or storages, so putting them on top of each other is just how they are designed to be. Many buildings have been built using shipping containers, having many different floors and making use of spaces inside the shipping containers and those between them.

There are so many amazing benefits to using a massive office building using shipping containers, but the most note worthy of them are how much cheaper they are than normal buildings, how little material and energy goes to waste while building them, and how fast they are to set up. Huge shipping container offices can be set up and ready to be used within a few days.

Do You Have a Design in Mind?

Many people approach us with practical and great designs already completely prepared and all we have to do is build it for them. Some people come to us not with specific designs, but general ideas of what they want to do, and they let us take care of the specifics. Other people leave the entire design process to us, and just tell us what they generally need.

Either way, we can build shipping container offices to satisfy all your requirements and preferences. We always do our homework when it comes to checking what are the situations in which our clients will use their shipping container structures, and we make sure they are fully satisfied with our designs by showing them 2D and 3D models which they can edit and tweak as much as they like.

How Much Is Your Budget?

Although shipping container offices can be made cheaply, not all shipping container offices are cheap. In fact, it’s not strange or difficult to build a very fancy, expensive, and luxurious shipping container office. The materials used, the designs, and everything else inside an office can be chosen from a wide variety, from cheap to extremely expensive, so check your budget and requirements before making any final decisions.

What Utilities Do You Need in Your Office?

Desks, chairs, filing drawers, closets, and things like that may come in any office, but if you are going with the portable options, you might leave choosing those to us. During the transportation of the office, normal furniture might move uncontrollably and cause damage, so it’s best to let us choose everything. Other than those, there are questions regarding air conditioning units, electrical facilities, and even some professional equipment which require their own stations and work spaces. It’s best to prepare everything in a shipping container office before its built.

Where Can You Get Your Own Shipping Container Office?

Since you’re already in our website, we should tell you that we have a lot of experience with building shipping container structures of all shapes and sizes, and you can trust us with building the perfect tailor-made shipping container office for you. We have the perfect equipment in our factory, a very experienced group of professionals, and we offer amazing quality and prices.If you have any questions regarding the details of our work, or if you just want to get a quote and check our prices, please contact us, we are ready and happy answer all your questions.

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