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How to Convert Shipping Containers to Houses in the UAE

Shipping containers are becoming very popular options for building houses around the world. It makes more sense for some parts of the world to do this than others due to different reasons, and the UAE is a country in which converting shipping containers into houses is very economical. The entire country is close to ports, and all those ports are very busy and there are a lot of unused shipping containers in each of them.

The abondance of shipping containers and the low cost of transporting them to any point in the country means that we will see many shipping container houses in the near future in the UAE. In general, container conversion in UAE is an industry which is growing very fast. Our company, Green Box Containers, has been converting and repurposing shipping containers in the UAE for a long time now. But how do we do it? What are the steps we take for building a shipping container house in the UAE? In this article we will briefly talk about each step and how they are done.

How to Convert Shipping Containers to Houses in the UAE

Step By Step Guide for Owning a Shipping Container House in the UAE

Step 1: Area Assessment

The first thing we do is checking the area in which the shipping container house will be set up. There are many questions which need answering before we make other decisions. If the shipping container house will be mobile, most of those questions are answered and we can move on. If however, the shipping container house is not intended for being moved often we have to analyze the location carefully.

We need to see how big a shipping container can be used for building a house, or if multiple shipping containers are to be used, how many of them can fit in? How much of the area are we intending to cover with shipping containers and how much of it will be left for other purposes? How flat is the surface? Do we need excavations at some part or all of the area? Do we need to build foundations for the shipping container house?

Many of these questions will determine the design phase, and many of them won’t change the conversion process that much. For example, when it comes to foundations, if the soil isn’t rigid enough it’s a good idea to build some kind of foundation. The fact that the foundation will be built makes little difference in the design phase. All that it will change is the little details at the bottom of the containers.

Step 2: Design

Now that we know our limitations regarding our locations, we can start working on the design. Designing a shipping container house is not that different to designing a normal house. If many of them will be used for building a house, it will essentially be the same, since the areas will be big and each of them will have a fully designed intended purpose.

If we are going with a single shipping container, it will resemble designing a small house with fixed dimensions. That all means that you can design your shipping container house however you want. There are so many examples out there, and they couldn’t be more different. Whatever design you have in mind can be implemented and turned into reality as long as technical limitations are respected.

In Green Box Containers, our designers can be with you every step of the way. Of course, you can come up with the design yourself, and we will only check it to make sure that the structural integrity of the structure is intact. Whether you design it yourself or get help form our designers to come up with a design you prefer, we will get busy building your shipping container house.

How to Convert Shipping Containers to Houses in the UAE

Step 3: Container Conversion

This is the part in which we start our conversion process. Based on your choice, we can convert a used container or a new container. The used containers will be cheaper to convert, but the end product will not be all that different. Our experts have been converting shipping containers into many other things, so we have a lot of experience for facing any challenge that we meet along the way.

We make sure all the details of the design are met and everything works perfectly. Our conversion process will not take long. In fact, almost all projects will be readied and delivered within 30 days. During these 30 days there is work to be done at the location to make sure that everything is in order there, which is the next step we will talk about.

Step 4: Setting Up the Location

Although we list it as the step which comes after conversion, these two are simultaneous phases of the work, or it’s best to do them at the same time to save time and expenses. Setting up the location isn’t complicated. You need to make sure you have everything in place in the location in which the shipping container house will be set up.

A foundation might be needed, depending on the weight and size of the house and the type of soil. Plumbing will be required, which will have to perfectly comply with the design of the house. Electrics will be required as well. Details like this are essential for making sure that everything will run smoothly for years.

Step 5: Delivery and Installation

Once we are finished the conversion process and everything is in order in the location, the shipping container house will be delivered to your location. Installing the shipping container house in place is not difficult. If electrics and plumbing are taken care of, all we have to do is to carefully place the shipping container house. Then everything is connected together to make sure there is power and plumbing in the house.

Step 6: Decorate

This is where you can have as much fun as you like. Designing a shipping container house, no matter how big or small it is, is not all that different from designing a house. Just take ideas and inspirations online and do whatever you like to do, there are few limitations.

Who to Contact for a Shipping Container House in UAE

As we explained through the article, container conversion in UAE is what we do, and we are proud of the quality of our work. Green Box Containers have already repurposed and modified numerous shipping containers into all types of structures, both mobile and stationary.

The satisfaction of our customers is our most cherished value, and we are proud to say that we have an amazing history of satisfied customers. If you are considering having a shipping container house, you are at the right place. Just contact us with your questions and we will provide you with all the details you will need.

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