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How to Design a Shipping Container Coffee Shop?

Shipping container coffee shops are known to be a unique design and idea. Who would ever think of converting a shipping container into a coffee shop and being able to run it as a business?

After the container coffee shop is ready, you can add design to it based on your likes and dislikes. Sometimes adding a terrace where the customers will be able to sit and enjoy their cup of coffee in the open air is an excellent step to grab more attention.

How to Design a Shipping Container Coffee Shop?

Adding more containers to be able to create ample space to be able to make a sitting arrangement for your clients can be the reason your coffee shop is crowded every day.

After all, what the customers look for is a place where they can either come and chill and have fun with friends or come and relax after the tiring day or work and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Creativity and being able to be unique. That is all you need here as you are a new starter and there are many competitions out there.

Let us read through the details about the cost of shipping container coffee shops and some of the best container coffee shops around the world today.

How Much Is a Shipping Container Coffee Shop?

The cost of the shipping container coffee shop will vary depending on the size of the shop you desire. Additionally, as it is a coffee shop, you need to add a small kitchen to it.

The cost of the kitchen will vary a bit from that of the traditional kitchens, and it may end up a bit lesser for you. Our experts will tell the detailed cost and the expenses once you enquire from the experts and tell them your preferences.

A shipping container coffee shop is a significant step to start and do your business and be different from others around you. Do not worry about the small size of the container coffee shop. Some of the best successful cafes around the world are tiny in size. After all, it is not the size that matters, and it is your service and customer relationship at the end of the day that will bring you more customers.

Why Approach Green Box for The Conversion of the Containers to Coffee Shop?

Green Box is very familiar with the concept of converting shipping containers into coffee shops, offices and anything you can think of. At Green Box, we do not sell just a boring shipping container; we convert the container and give you a new hope, a new idea and a new path to start your life.

At Green Box, we promise to work hard and submit the converted container coffee shop within 30 days only. We transform the containers into unique structures such as accommodations, workshops, shipping

container bars and coffee shops.

You can take a look at our samples provided on the official website to have a close image regarding the cost of the container coffee shops based on the type and size you want.

Why Having a Container Coffee Shop Is a Good Idea?

Thinking is from a business point of view, and you can even not work in your container coffee shop yourself. You can stay at home or be busy with your work and give the container coffee shop to a barista or a very eager person to run a coffee shop.

This way, you are the owner of the container coffee shop, and you can even receive rent from the same container. It is considered to be a win-win situation. You earn an income every month as rent, and the person who rented will be able to start his business and grow.

Some of The Great Shipping Container Coffee Shops

Today, a lot of container coffee shops are available around the world. Container coffee shops are becoming eye-catching and trendy.

Some of the great and beautiful container coffee shops around the world worth mentioning are The Avenue Eat + Drink, Froebe, Illy Push Button House, Starbucks, and so on that you can find in China, Oakland, Atlanta, and even Tokyo.

These container coffee shops are all designed and prepared in their unique way. Some container coffee shops are big and some small, some with substantial sitting arrangements and some just a small area to fit few customers.

It does not matter how big the container coffee shop is. What matters at the end is the name you leave behind and how you walk your career path.

Green Box provides a good quality of converted container coffee shops to be able to last longer. The main goal is to follow your dream and cross the boundaries that stop you from reaching your goal. Throughout the process till the last stage, Green Box will be by your side to guide you.

You are not alone, and our experts are by your side.

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