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How To Design A Shipping Container Garage

Whether you are building an entire custom-made container house or you just need a secure place for your car, you can’t go wrong with a shipping container garage. The wide variety in which designed shipping container garages are sold make them excellent choices for anyone and anywhere. So why are they a good idea? We will explain.

How To Design A Shipping Container Garage

What Are The Advantages Of A Shipping Container Garage?

  • They are cheap. They can become a little bit more expensive if you want to build a luxurious garage with ample space and multiple doors, but then again if you want to build one of those, any method other than shipping containers will cause you to spend much more money. Plus, the labor it requires to install one is far less than other choices. At their most basic form, they are the cheapest option you can find.

  • Their designs are so flexible, you can fit them into any space and add any functionality you want to them. From massive shipping container garages which are made by multiple shipping containers to a tiny single shipping container, from expensive extravagant multifunctional garages to cheap shipping containers with no options, from simple ones to highly designed and stylish ones, you name what you want and it’s easy to build them for you.

  • They are portable! That is not a common attribute of a shipping container, but if you have that option, why not? If you have the space in your new home, it’s a good idea to move a familiar and reliable shipping container garage and not worry about parking your vehicle anymore. Plus, they are excellent choices as ready built parking or storage space of mobile workshops.

  • They are durable. These shipping containers are made to endure massive weights and the most difficult weather conditions, all while keeping what’s inside them safe and dry. If you are concerned for the expenses of repairing them, well you don’t need to be, because any other type of garage will require far more maintenance than a shipping container garage.

  • They are secure. Breaking into a shipping container garage is no easy task. It requires the strongest and noisy tools to open one of them if you don’t have a key, plus a lot of time. The normal doors of shipping containers are easily locked, and if you want a shipping container garage with custom-made doors, you can choose the most secure ones.

Now that we have talked a little bit about why is it a good idea to choose a shipping container garage, let’s talk about how to design and build one according to your very own taste and requirements.

How To design A Shipping Container Garage?

  • Location assessment: Before anything else, assess your location and how much space you have and want in your garage. Shipping container garages come in all shapes and sizes, so what matters is what you want or what you can install in the area you have. How much space do you have? What other functions you intend for your garage to have? There are also considerations about the weather conditions that you need to account for.

How To Design A Shipping Container Garage

  • Design choice: Now you make a decision about which type of shipping container garage you desire. Do you just want a lockable and secure shelter for your vehicle? Do you want a big space for multiple vehicles and additional tools and gadgets for your home? Do you want it cheap? Do you want it luxurious? Do you want to use your garage as a workshop? These are choices only you can make. Consider your budget and go for what you like.

  • Container choice: This goes hand in hand with the design part, but you need to think about what type of container do you want. Your decision should be based on your budget and space. You have multiple choices in shapes and sizes of shipping containers and how many of them you want to use.

  • Build a foundation: The shipping container is a secure structure, but it’s also relatively heavy. Add the weight of at least one vehicle to it and the weight becomes more considerable. Like any other proper structure, a shipping container garage needs a proper foundation. Without one you will lose much of the desirable attributes of a shipping container garage, such as durability. There are various types of foundations you can go for, and that too depends on your purpose for the garage, your budget, and your condition, but overall if you intend to park your car inside this shipping container garage, concrete foundations are a good choice.

  • Shipping container preparation: Now is the point in which you prepare your shipping container. Whether you plan to do it yourself or order one, there are multiple things you need to prepare before installing the shipping container garage. Some of them are listed below.

  • Insulation: Depending on what you plan to store inside your shipping container garage, a proper insulation is always a good idea.

  • Ventilation: Whether you live in a hot climate and want to avoid trapping heat, or you live in rainy climates and you want to avoid moisture to build up, ventilation is important.

  • Electrics: You will probably need electric outlets in your garage at the very least, but there are more electrical plugs and options that you can go for. Making sure that the shipping container is prepared for this beforehand is necessary.

  • Partitions and shelving: Depending on the function of your garage, if you intend to split that space or install shelves in there, you need to consider those while preparing the shipping container.

  • Security: You can choose various doors, the original door of a shipping container can do the trick, but there are other choices and custom-designed doors as well, but whichever you choose, a secure locking system is a must. If you have other methods of security in mind, now is the time to install them.

  • Installing the shipping container garage: If you have done all the above, now the only thing that remains is installing your new garage. It’s generally a good idea to leave this to professionals since there are many things to consider while doing the installation.

Designing a shipping container box is easy, cheap, and fun. You can use our posts and website for inspirations, and we will build your desired shipping box container for you however you prefer it.

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