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How To Design A Shipping Container Garden House

Garden houses can serve a great number of purposes. Do you have a big garden and want a room right next to it to sit down in and enjoy the view? Do you need an office somewhere in your house but don’t have any rooms to turn into an office? Do you have a piece of land in which you are planning to set up a garden and need a small house built there?

Or do you just want more space in your house? Garden houses are nothing new and have always been considered by people who have the space for them. Shipping container garden houses however, are relatively new concepts with many advantages compared to other types of garden houses. Here we will talk about why shipping container garden houses are a good idea and how to design one according to your needs and preferences.

How To Design A Shipping Container Garden House

Why Are Shipping Container Garden HousesA Good Idea?

  • They are cheap: We keep talking about how cheap shipping container structures are, because in comparison to other types of buildings, these shipping containers cost much less for the quality they offer. This stands true for shipping container garden houses as well.

  • They are portable: This is a nice option to have for garden houses. Whether your shipping container garden house is in your home’s garden or if it’s located in your little garden outside the city, it’s always good to know that you can move it and preserve all its functions.

  • They are durable: These robust steel boxes are made to endure harsh conditions, so in terms of durability and strength they offer a type of quality that is hard to compete with. Plus, they are very cheap to maintain since they are naturally durable and everything in them is modular.

  • Their designs are very flexible: This is one of the major advantages of shipping container garden houses. You might need a room with a view beside your garden, a home office, a guest house, a garden shed, or a small fully functioning house in your remote garden. Not only shipping containers come in various sizes themselves, each one of them is highly customizable and you can add multiple containers together to get what you want.

These and a lot more are the reason shipping containers are gaining so much popularity as structures of various purposes. Garden houses are no exception, and since they are usually compact structures, shipping containers are an excellent choice.

How To DesignA Shipping Container GardenHouse

  • Assess the space you have: This is always the first step, because the space you have dictates the size of the shipping container garden house you’re trying to build. There are other matters such as sunlight and general climate that you need to consider as well. You need different preparation for cold environments compared to warm ones. Our team in Green Box can be helpful consultants in this regard.

  • Check if you need permits: This changes from location to location, since not every country, state, or city has the same law regarding added spaces to properties. It also depends on the size of the shipping container garden house you are planning to build, and its functionality.

How To Design A Shipping Container Garden House

  • Decide what type of shipping container garden house you want: This step is obvious, and you probably have something in mind already since you are considering building a garden house. Whether you want a normal garden house or a home office, a guest house, a fully functioning small house, a tool shed, or just some added space for your kitchen, a shipping container garden house can be any of these and a lot more.

  • Come up with the detailed design: This is where things get specific, and don’t worry, this is where our teams will get seriously involved if you want them to. Although you can design everything yourself and we will be happy to build anything you desire, it’s a good idea to consult professionals for taking advantage of their expertise.

  • repare the container: This is where we get busy with building your custom-ordered shipping container garden house. From insulation to electrics, partitions and shelves, cabinets and windows, to paint and roofs, your shipping container garden house will be fully prepared before being shipped to your location.

  • Build a foundation: It’s generally a good idea to build a foundation, as it greatly improves the health of any structure. There are many types of foundations you can choose from for your shipping container garden house, but keep in mind that if the garden house is going to have a lot of weight, concrete structures are the best. You can also opt for steel or even wood foundations. Keep in mind that if you need electrics and plumbing, you need to consider those in the foundation as well.

  • Install the shipping container garden house: The last step is to put everything together. Install the shipping container garden house in place and setup the electrics and plumbing.

The process of designing and building a shipping container garden house can be very enjoyable if you have the knowledge, and here in Green Box we are there for you to offer a helping hand in whatever stage of the work that you desire. Not only we will customize everything you order, we will be there for consulting in the design process as well, if that is what you wish. Just go through our website and social media pages for ideas and inspirations and get that dreamy garden house you always wanted.

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