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How to Make a Green House from Shipping Containers?

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

As long as brilliant minds and creative ideas exist, the world is a beautiful place to live, and nothing is impossible.

With the help of modern thinking and technology, the ideas can now come to reality, even the idea of having a green house from shipping containers. Yes, the exact shipping containers we so far thought are only made for trade and transferring bulky goods. Shipping containers have more to them.

Today, many entrepreneurs are busy using the shipping containers as farms after they are cleaned and prepared for the special trays of the plants.

How to Make a GreenHouse from Shipping Containers

The green house made from shipping containers is a great way to better harvest with less or limited loss caused by the pests.

Light Issues with The Shipping Containers for Green house

As you are using shipping containers as a green house, this means you are using the indoor system. The indoor system has a high level of pressure of sodium lights.

Sodium lights are not suitable for green house in shipping containers as they make it very hot. The installation of ventilation and a cooling system for the shipping container is a great option.

You can install new LED technology that can run at a lower rate and make the area less hot.

Shipping container green house is an excellent idea for crops such as cannabis that needs intense and unique lighting for growth.

The shipping container green house can function just like a typical green house and provide you with excellent conditions suitable for the growth of plants. Shipping container green house relies on natural light, and most of the farms changed by the owners for an open roof cargo container.

How to Go On with The Shipping Container Green house?

For having your shipping container green house, you need to consider few things initially.

First, decide the place you need for the green house shipping container on your property.

Keep in mind and you should find an area with access to natural sunlight as a shipping container green house does not rely on artificial light. Keeping it away from the tree and your house to allow sunlight to penetrate in is a good idea.

Next, you should consider the size and the shape of the shipping container green house. You can get a consultation regarding all you need with the team of experts working with Green Box, and they will guide you throughout the process until you receive your green house shipping container.

How to Make a GreenHouse from Shipping Containers

What Are the Benefits of the Greenhouse Shipping Containers?

Despite the size and type of the shipping container green house you opt for, there are certain benefits to them, such as:

· Shipping container green house has a low cost of production. In some cases, the price of starting a shipping container green house can be high, and it is known to be using a very modern and efficient irrigation system. Hydroponics, in this case, are capable of reducing water consumption as compared to traditional farms.

· Shipping container green house is very easy to install and maintain. During the initial stage, there is a lot to be done, and it is done with the help and support of the Green Box, then you need nothing to worry about. The growing internal condition of the crops is totally in your hand; hence, it allows you to grow any plant you desire irrespective of the season. You can plant common plants are tomatoes, strawberries, capsicum, cucumbers, herbs, and a few more.

· As the plants are in a shipping container, it is safer and less prone to risks of pests and the attack of diseases. It makes it possible for the owner to practise organic farming without using any pesticides and fungicides.

A shipping container green house or farm is an excellent investment process, mainly in urban areas that are looking for a continuous supply of fresh and organic products.

Having the purchasing power for installing a shipping container green house is not only the task you need to do. You need to have some basic knowledge about plants and agriculture as well to be able to maintain the green house for an extended period.

Are you tempted by the idea of having a shipping container green house? Get in touch with our experts and allow them to guide you with the best remedies and ideas.

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