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How to Make a Shipping Container Office?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Each office building is built based on the specific requirements and the functions of the company, organization, or corporation which is building it. There are characteristics office buildings share and those which they do not. What they do not share is usually based on the specifics of the business they are meant to serve.

But no matter what is the intended function of a building and whatever is the status of the owner of the building, lowering the cost of it is always something common between all of them. That is one of the main reasons for shipping container offices’ rise in popularity. It is definitely not the only reason though.

How to Make a Shipping Container Office?

But when we talk about a relatively new type of structure, there are many questions raised. Is it a suitable choice for our type of business? Is it durable enough? Is it practical enough? Is it eco-friendly? Here in this article, we will talk about shipping container offices and a few different aspects of them, including the title question; how to make shipping container offices?

Why Build Offices Using Shipping Containers?

If you are here reading this article, it’s probably because you want to find out more about shipping container offices, and there is a chance you don’t know too much about them. Let’s get this out of the way first: we love answering questions about why shipping container buildings of all types are good choices. There are just so many reasons for which these new types of buildings are practical for so many different types of businesses, if not all of them.

Shipping container offices are cheap to build. If we only consider the material required for building an office, it’s practically impossible to get a better price for something that comes with the quality of shipping container offices. During the process of building a traditional style edifice, an abundance of materials of all types will be wasted, material which you will be paying for. That is kept to a very minimal percentage when building shipping container offices, and all of it will be recyclable. Then there is the fact that you can set up entire office buildings of multiple stories in a matter of a few days, which means far less labor costs and a much earlier date of opening that building.

Many businesses require mobile offices, and this is another field in which shipping container offices excel. Be it a single container office or many of them, there are few other choices available, none offering this much of a robust structure while easily movable.

Practical in Every Way

Going with eco-friendly options is not really a choice and more of a necessity these days, and that is another reason for choosing shipping container offices as well. If you are turning shipping containers into buildings, you are already recycling them while spending minimal energy on the recycling process, and after you’re done with them you can just remove them with no traces left and you can recycle the entirety of the building.

Shipping container offices can also be used in any environment regardless of location, weather conditions, available space, and most other limitations. They are just practical solutions for most types of requirements of any type of office buildings.

How to Make Shipping Container Offices

For a company such as ours, Green Box Containers, it’s easy to modify shipping containers and turn them into whatever our clients demand. All of the modification process will take place in our factory, and it will be done with great precision by experts who have been doing this for a long time.

The most important part which involves our clients and requires their input is the design/planning part. There are a few things which must be decided by our clients before we can start the modification process, questions which need to be asked. Some of them are:

How Much Do You Intend to Spend?

Although shipping container offices will almost always be cheaper than the traditional type buildings they replace, there is no end to how much you can spend on them. You can get a building as big as you can imagine, and the interior can be as luxurious as it can get, so you must decide how much of your budget you want to spend on building your office.

Mobile or Stationary?

Many people and businesses choose shipping container offices because they can be mobile. Portable shipping container offices don’t suit the needs of all types of offices, but they are perfect choices for some of them.

How Many Shipping Containers Do You Plan to Use?

Depending on the size of your operation, this shouldn’t be a complicated question to answer. Technically, this can be decided during the design process, but it won’t hurt to have a general idea in mind.

Used or New Containers?

One method to further decrease the expenses of building a shipping container office is choosing used containers. New ones come with their own benefits, but used containers aren’t all that different, since everything will be modified, renewed, and quality checked before the end.

How to Make a Shipping Container Office?

Do You Need to Build a Foundation?

If the building is stationary and large, you do require building a foundation. Although shipping container buildings are generally much lighter than normal ones, they can still be quite heavy, and it’s not a good idea to just find a flat surface and place them there. If however, we are talking about one or a few portable or stationary shipping container offices, you probably won’t need to build a foundation.

Do You Need a Planning Permit?

This is somewhat similar to the foundation question. If you are building a large stationary building, then yes, you absolutely do. But if you are getting portable offices, you probably don’t. In general, laws from location to location are so different that we can’t give you a definitive answer and it’s best to check with your local authorities.

Where to Get Shipping Container Offices

You are already here in our website, so let us tell you why should you trust us in Green Box with building your shipping container office. We have only one limitation on what type of modified shipping container we can build, and that is what our clients demand. We can and we have built anything that our clients have ordered, and that is because we modify shipping containers in a very specialized environment. Our factory is well equipped with all the necessary tools for producing very high quality products, and our team of professional know everything regarding shipping containers and modifying them.

Once you approach us, we will list all your demands and check all your requirements and realities of your situation, such as the location you plan to set up the shipping container office (or any other type of modified container). Then we will prepare a 2D model for you, and you can make as many changes to that model as you want. Once you are fully satisfied with the model, we will start the modification process, and deliver your tailor-made shipping container office to your chosen location within 30 days. If you have any question regarding our products, our process, and our prices, get in touch. We are happy to provide all the details you desire.

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