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How to Make a Shipping Container Pool?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

We all love having a pool in our house where we will simply jump in and enjoy during the hot summer under the scorching sun. Life is too short to worry about small things. Enjoying with friends and family and creating memories is the best idea.

Having a shipping container pool sounds trendy and cool. If you do not have enough space to have an in-ground pool, the container pool is the solution for you. Do not restrict your happiness and fun for temporary things. When there are solutions for everything, try to use them.

How to Make a Shipping Container Pool?

Green Box is there to help you to get whatever you want in an easy way within a short period. The main goal of the Green Box is to be able to help you create memories with your loved ones.

If you still doubt the possibility of having a container pool back in your house, then it should be mentioned that Kyle Chalmers the Olympic gold medalist used a 6-meter shipping container pool for his practices back in his house.

Shipping container pools are a great solution for everyone in terms of functionality and cost. Do follow the content to know more about the shipping container pools provided by Green Box.

How Much Does a Shipping Container Pool Cost?

Depending on the type and size of the shipping container pool the cost will vary. The traditional pools might take a lot of time and huge costs are associated with building them.

When it comes to the shipping container pools, we know that they are easy to install and pocket-friendly. Modification of a 20 foot or a 40-foot container into a pool is an easy task with the help of the Green Box.

The options will be provided to you regarding the pools being on the ground or off-site. The shipping container pools promise an aesthetic appeal furthermore to the modern houses.

Shipping container pools are portable and can be moved from one place to another. Once the pool conversion is over, Green Box will hand it over to you and keep it in the desired spot for you.

Container pools can also have a steam room, a hot tub, Jacuzzi, and even a sauna. All these great things can be added to your shipping container pools to add more happiness and fun times to you and your loved ones.

Container pools are solid in structure and are bound to last for a long period only if they are waterproofed carefully and thoroughly. Still in dilemma about getting a container pool or not? Ask Green Box on their official website.

How to Turn a Shipping Container into a Pool?

To construct a shipping container pool, certain steps should be taken into consideration such as:

Taking the Permits Required

Before getting in the process of construction, it is better to take a permit from the local authorities for the creation of the pool design. The design of the pool has to be submitted to the authorities along with the application for approval. You have nothing to worry about as the Green Box engineers are ready at your service.

How to Make a Shipping Container Pool?

The Size of the Pool

Size is dependent on you. You can choose a 20 foot or 40-foot container pool based on the availability of the area back at your place. The regular container pool has a height of 2.6 meters and the ones like a high cube are 2.9 meters in size. The width of the pool cannot be decided, as it is normally 2.4 meters which makes it comfortable for two people to swim in the pool.

Foundation of the Pool

Once you decide upon the size, you can construct the foundation for the same in your place. You can dig the land based on the size of the pool that you have chosen.

Later lay a concrete lab for your container pool. It is going to be a great foundation best for the support of the container pools to carry out the weight of the water.

Do not worry about anything, our experts will guide you step by step through the process.

Personalizing the Container Pool

The shipping container pool can offer a great benefit as compared to the traditional pools. It permits you to personalize the container pool with creativity and beautiful designs.

Additional Features for the Container Pool

As the owner of the container pool, you can design and add useful features to your pool. You can even add extras such as LED pool lights, pool cleaner, retractable cover for the pool, and even swim jets. It is dependent on your choice and preferences.

You can find readymade container pools available for sale, and you can get your pool converted and modified from the scratch with the help of the Green Box. Connect to the team of specialized experts to enquire more and order yours. Summer is already behind the doors.

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