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How to Put a Side Garage Door On a Shipping Container?

Updated: Jan 20

Shipping containers are being turned into all different types of things by a series of modifications. These modifications vary depending on the intended usage of the modified shipping container and can differ greatly. One thing, however, that most modified shipping containers have in common, is the insertion of additional doors.

Shipping container garages are an example of this. Almost all unmodified shipping containers come with a set of double doors on one end, with the exception being a special type that comes with two sets of double doors on both ends (aptly named ‘double door shipping containers’). These original container doors are very practical, high quality, and durable doors, and in the case of shipping container garages, it’s important to note that most vehicles would fit and pass through them. However, many opt to insert wider doors on the side of their shipping container garage.

Here in this article, we will talk about these doors, their different types, and how necessary or functional they are.

Do You Have to Insert Side Doors on a Shipping Container Garage?

Do you absolutely have to? Probably not, depending on the side of your vehicle and that of the garage. Many people choose to build shipping container garages using multiple shipping containers, and since they have additional space, it’s much more convenient for them to add side doors. However, as we said before, most vehicles would fit and pass through the original doors of a shipping container. In fact, when vehicles are shipped overseas via cargo ships, they are often shipped inside shipping containers. But there are a few things which you must keep in mind. The first is that the width of a single shipping container is only a little bit more than that of most normal vehicles. If you don’t have additional doors and you have, say an SUV or a similarly large car, you wouldn’t even be able to fully open the doors of your car.

The second important thing is that most shipping container garages can fit more than just one vehicle, and if there is a door on one end, you need to move both cars to have access to the one in the back, which can be pretty inconvenient in the long run.

So, do you have to install side doors in your shipping container garage? No, you don’t have to. But we would say that the vast majority of people would prefer having them, as they add a lot of functionality and convenience to a shipping container garage.

Garage Containers

Are There Many Different Types of Side Doors For Shipping Containers?

Yes, there are. Just as there are many types of garage doors, there are many types of shipping container garage doors. You could categorize different types of doors in many different ways. There are sliding doors, roll-up doors, hinged doors remotely controlled doors, or manually opened doors. And don’t forget that many people tend to want smaller doors for people to pass through as well. We can’t say which one is better, because each has its own benefits, and it’s up to the owner of the shipping container garage to decide which one suits their needs the best.

Are Side Doors Expensive?

It depends on what type of doors you would prefer to have. Obviously, installing a door on a shipping container garage will increase its cost, but how much more would it cost? It’s completely up to the owner of the garage. Some people tend to prefer more flashy and luxurious doors, and that is certainly a possibility, while a lot of people are most interested in practicality. If you are a person who would upgrade your normal garage’s doors from manually opened doors to remotely controlled ones, you probably wouldn’t mind spending a little extra to have the same functionality in your shipping container garage.

Shipping Container Garage

So, do shipping container garages that have side doors cost more than shipping container garages with their original doors? Generally, yes, they do. Do they cost a lot more? No, not necessarily, and if you consider how much more functionality you get with extra doors on the side of a shipping container garage, they will be worth it, because you can find options that offer the functionality you want and are affordable.

Where Can You Get a Shipping Container Garage With Custom Doors?

Here in Greenbox, we do anything and everything in the field of modification of shipping containers. We have already designed, built, and delivered so many modified shipping containers, including a lot of custom shipping container garages. We do not put a limitation on what we can or cannot build for our clients, as each of them has something specific in mind and each of our products has been unique and different from others in one way or another.

Prefab Garage

When a client approaches us with an order, we check everything about the project. From every little detail of what our client has in mind and what they prefer to every necessity and limitation they have, things such as planning permits, environment and weather conditions, and other similar things. After we are done with our research, we come up with 2D models. Our client then reviews the model, and they can change the design as much as they please. Once they are fully satisfied, we start the modification process in our factory, which is a very efficient environment armed with all the greatest tools necessary for a high-quality job, and crewed by a highly experienced team of professionals. We work very fast in our factory, as we tend to deliver most of our products within a month after an order is placed.

If you have any questions about the details of our work, or if you want to get a quote and know our prices, please contact us, we are ready and happy to provide all the details you may require.

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