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How to Turn A Shipping Container into A Garden House?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Many of us have spent some time in a garden house of some type, and we all know what a relaxing and fun experience it can be. It can take us away from our day to day lives and give us a sense of what it feels like to be close and connected to nature.

For those of us who own a garden and are planning to build some sort of garden house inside it, there are so many choices to pick from. If you are here reading this article, there is a good chance that you are contemplating which choice to go with. Here in this article, we are going to make a case for shipping container garden houses, and so, we are going to talk about why are they good options, how is the modification from a shipping container into a garden house done, and where can you get your very own shipping container garden house.

How to Turn A Shipping Container into A Garden House?

Why Choose Garden Houses Made of Shipping Container?

This is usually the first question which comes to mind, why bother even considering these rough looking metal boxes to put in your beautiful garden. Well, there are many reasons which make shipping container garden houses not only viable choices, but amazing ones.

The first and most obvious reason is that they are cheap. You can find no other type of structure which offers you this quality and robustness for this price.

Another good reason is the fact that any shipping container structure is highly modifiable, so if you are worried that these ugly looking containers might ruin the looks of your garden, don’t be. You can have your shipping container garden house to look exactly the way you want it to. You might ask how, we will cover that later on in the article.

Shipping container garden houses are also very eco-friendly. They are recycled material already since they are no longer being used to ship cargos around. This recycling process has not used or wasted much energy compared to what it would take to recycle that much metal. And once you no longer want that shipping container garden house to be there, you just pick it up and move it, leaving nothing behind, unlike normal structures.

Also, building and installing a shipping container garden house takes little time and energy, and the fact that this could stop an entire construction project with a lot of wasted material and energy just adds to its eco-friendly nature.

How to Turn A Shipping Container into A Garden House?

As we mentioned, shipping container garden houses can be mobile, which is one of their most popular perks.

How to Turn a Shipping Container into a Garden House?

If you would want to do it yourself, it might not be easy. You would need a lot of tools and expertise to pull it off. In a factory such as ours in Green Box however, this process is very straight forward. Once a client places an

order, we get into contact with them to get all the details we can.

We analyze the location in which they intend to install the shipping container garden house, so that we know all the environmental necessities of the project. We also listen carefully to everything the client expects and wants from their shipping container garden house. Some people like to come up with their own designs for their lovely garden houses, and some rely on us to do the design phase as well.

Whatever the choice of our clients, we will be with them every step of the way. Once we prepare the initial design, we make 2D models and offer them to the client. They can edit and tweak that model as much as they like. The only limitation is that the structural integrity of the shipping container must remain intact. Once the editing is done and the client is fully satisfied with the design, we start the modification process in our factory.

How to Turn A Shipping Container into A Garden House?

We have a very experienced group of professionals who have already repurposed shipping containers into many other types of structures. This entire process will take less than a month, so you can count on having your tailor-made shipping container garden house set up in place within 30 days after placing an order.

Why Choose Green Box?

We have a lot of experience in any type of shipping container modification project. Our philosophy is that we can turn shipping containers into absolutely anything that our clients demand, and we are extremely confident of the quality of our work.

Not only we carry out all types of container modification projects, we also do container maintenance, so if your shipping container structure has need for maintenance of any type, we will be there for you. Our main and most valued wealth is the satisfaction of our customers. If you are considering buying a shipping container garden house of your own, contact us today. We are ready and happy to give you any detail you might be interested in.

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