Ideas Of A Modern Shipping Container Police Station

Police Stations are everywhere, or at least they should be. When a city or village passes a certain threshold of population, police stations are built there, and the cost of building a police station is deducted from tax-payer money, so keeping that cost as low as possible is always necessary.

Police stations are usually renewed as well, so the idea of keeping the costs low isn’t exclusive to new police stations, and it applies to older ones as well. So here we want to talk about the cost of a shipping container police station, why is it a good choice, where to get one, and then we will talk about some ideas about a modern shipping container police station.

Ideas Of A Modern Shipping Container Police Station

How Much Does A Shipping Container Police Station Cost?

The answer to that is that it depends on many factors, but the short answer is that it costs much less than any other type of building with this level of robustness and durability. The cost of a shipping container police station depends on its size, the number of its stories, overall number of shipping containers used, how modified each of them are, and how many facilities are installed in them.

Many people look at shipping container structures as temporary ones. That is only true if they are intended to be temporary, but you can keep them in place for a really long time with relatively low maintenance cost, and they are even more durable than normal buildings since they are made of steel.

A shipping container police station would be more durable than normal ones, would be cheaper to maintain, would require far less labor and time to install, and would serve the same or even better functionality than a normal structure. So add these together; lower cost of materials, lower cost of shipment, lower cost of labor, far less time required to set up the entire building, equal or greater functionality, and you will understand why is it so cost effective to choose a shipping container police station instead of a traditional style building.

Where To Get A Shipping Container Police Station?

Here at Green Box Containers, we offer modified and pre-designed shipping containers. We are proud of the work we do, because the results and the customer satisfaction have been up to our standards. You can design your own shipping container structure and have us only building and delivering it to you, or you can trust us with the design as well, as we have a team of experts with much experience to modify shipping containers to suit the need of our clients.

We will be with you every step of the way, from listening to your ideas, producing a 2D image of what your shipping container structure would look like, go through the editing of that image with you until you are satisfied, and then build and deliver the shipping containers to you. All of this process would be done in a space of 30 days, which would be far less than any other way of building a fully functional structure. We obligate ourselves to deliver the best results no matter what the project is. What the client wants is our goal.

Why Are Shipping Containers Good Choices For Police Stations?

There are many reasons, here we will briefly explain some ideas about what makes shipping containers

Ideas Of A Modern Shipping Container Police Station

  • They are cheap: Although we have dedicated a big part of this article to how cheap a shipping container police station would be, we can’t make a list of their advantages and not name the low cost. From building material to shipment and labor to maintenance and future changeability, you can’t find an option which would cost less and offer this amount of quality.

  • They are durable: This fact cannot be overlooked: a police station needs to be an extremely robust structure. Not only the steel build of shipping container meets those standards, the efficiency with which they are maintained and altered for future uses makes them amazing choices.

  • They are modular: This is very valuable for many types of buildings, but especially so for organizations, since there should be many corridors, rooms, offices, and storages. Since many of these spaces usually have the same design, shipping containers are very convenient choices. Just design one of them and have many built.

  • They are portable: The police are a single organization with many branches called police stations, so considering their modular nature and high portability, it’s very easy to change a police station to serve a new partial purpose, or move a container from one police station to another, or even have some spare rooms or storages to add to stations or replace some older ones. Portability of modular pieces would be an invaluable attribute for a police station.

Some Ideas About Why Shipping Containers Can Be Useful For The Police

  • Mobile stations: Mobile police stations are everywhere these days. Those small rooms at the corner of a street, beside the highway, or on a busy part of town. There is simply no better choice for those small stations than shipping containers. A structure that is very easily transported from place to place, and is very robust and serves all the functions that the police would require.

  • Shooting ranges: With some modifications, shipping containers would be amazing as shooting ranges. Of course, there should be modifications installed to offer protection from stray bullets and sound, but those come with any type of structure anyway. The modular nature of shipping containers makes them excellent choices for shooting ranges.

  • Police training grounds: This is something that is already the gold standard in many police departments around the world. A training ground made of shipping containers offers so much that it would require its own article. Suffice to say the structure would be solid, it would be easily and quickly modified to resemble a real location in which an operation will take place, and it would be robust and capable of taking the damages of a police drill and still serve its function perfectly.

There are more and more shipping container police stations being built around the world, and that is a testament of their suitability for the task. Contact Green Box Containers and get your own shipping container police station as soon as you can.

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