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Ideas Of Modern Shipping Container Garages

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Shipping container structures are gaining more and more attention every day. Their availability and price have made them popular choices to replace some of the more traditional style of structures.

Among the more popular examples of them are shipping container garages. We need secure parking spaces everywhere these days, and shipping container garages are great choices to answer this need.

Ideas Of Modern Shipping Container Garages

Why Are Shipping Container Garages Good?

There are many answers to that, here we try to point at some of them.

  • They are cheap: This has been pointed at many times when it comes to shipping container structures, but the fact is that it’s worth repeating, because shipping container garages can be a lot cheaper than other choices. Not only you would save a lot of money on building materials, you would also save a lot through the fact that setting up a shipping container garage takes far less labor and time than a normal garage.

  • They are portable: This means that you can add or remove garage spaces easily. Shipping containers are built for transportation, so moving them around is quite easy and convenient. Imagine being able to add parking spaces to your construction site, workshop, or even home.

  • They are modular: This can be particularly valuable for those who intend to have more than one garage, you just design one and order many, and you can create a full parking lot. Being modular helps with maintenance as well.

  • They are durable: Shipping container garages are mostly made of steel. With a little bit of maintenance, they can last a long time. Plus maintaining them is quite easy and cheap, since the structure of these shipping containers is very simple.

  • They are secure: The steel build of a shipping container can protect your vehicle against many things, such as theft or any type of weather. Shipping containers are built to be able to protect what’s inside them from all types of weather conditions, and with the addition of some locks and proper security measures, a shipping container garage can be almost impenetrable.

  • They are fast and easy to get and install: A shipping container garage, even those with specific designs take little time to prepare, and installing them can be as easy as finding a hard and flat surface for them. You can also stop worrying about the noise and the hassle of construction work.

  • Their designs are flexible: This is one of the main reasons for the particular popularity of shipping container garages. Whatever you want in a garage, and however you want it, can be done with shipping container garages.

  • You can sell them: If you no longer require your shipping container garage, you can easily sell them. There is always a good market for selling them.

Ideas Of Modern Shipping Container Garages

Why Are Shipping Container Garages Not Good?

We talked about some of the advantages of having a shipping container garage, let’s talk about the problems common with them as well.

  • Bad Aesthetics: If you just use a shipping container as a garage without any customization, you probably won’t have the best-looking garage in the world. Shipping containers are made for transportation, and their looks don’t have any value while they remain transportation means. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stick to the original looks. With little cost, you can alter the looks of your shipping container garage so drastically that not only it won’t look bad, it can be pretty stylish and trendy as well. Good looks for a shipping container garage are just another option, you don’t have to pick them, but if you do, they won’t cost you too much extra money.

  • Narrow width: There are a few options when it comes to the length of a shipping container, but their width is fixed (2.4 meters). While that is sufficient for most vehicles, if you have a large one, like an SUV or a pick-up truck, your space will be very limited and tight. Sure, the vehicle will fit, but there might not be enough room to even open the doors of the car. To address this problem, you must make sure that the size of the vehicle and the shipping container garage are matching. If you have a bigger car, you will need more space anyway, so you can get two shipping containers and merge them into one garage.

  • Insulation: In their original form, ordinary shipping containers do not offer much in terms of insulation and airflow, they just don’t need to, since they are meant for transportation only. But requirement for insulation is something that is needed in pretty much any structure, and it takes money and effort to make it happen. It’s the same with shipping container garages. If you don’t take measures for insulation, you might find your garage to be too cold during winter and too warm during the summer. This can be easily addressed again, as there are many types of insulation that you can install without spending too much money. You can cover the walls and the rooftop with many fabrics, and you can also insert insulative material inside the walls as well. Insulating a shipping container is not difficult at all, just look at the types of insulated shipping containers that already exist and are very common, such as freezer shipping containers.

As we have tried to explain, the advantages of having a shipping container garage are many, while their disadvantages are few, and are easily addressed and resolved. If you are planning to get a shipping container garage, contact us at Green Box Containers. We will hear your ideas and requirements and prepare a 2D model for you. You can make adjustments to that 2D model as much as you want, and once the design process is complete, we will build and deliver your brand-new shipping container garage within 30 days. Cruise through our website and social media pages for inspirations and ideas about shipping container garages.

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