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Interior Design Ideas for Shipping Container Houses

As the number of shipping container houses grows every day, they are not considered unique or strange anymore. Shipping containers are viable means to build houses, and they are extremely flexible in terms of design and what they can offer. As for their interior space, contrary to the common belief, they are very easy to customize.

A brief search online will show you vast differences between different examples, and that is because of how customizable their designs can be. The biggest deciding factor on what the interior design of a shipping container house will look like is what its owner decides. Here in this article, we will talk about a few different aspects to consider while coming up with the design of a shipping container house.

Interior Design Ideas for Shipping Container Houses


This is one of the items which is almost identical between shipping container houses and normal houses. You can go for whichever design you want, if your house doesn’t have any weight limitations. Shipping container houses can be mobile, and if you intend to move the house often, it’s probably a bad idea to make it heavy, especially so if that weight is concentrated in one particular area and not distributed evenly throughout the shipping container house. Certain types of stone and marble floors or even concrete types of flooring might be too heavy for mobile shipping container houses.

But if the shipping container house is stationary and you don’t intend to move it at all, there are pretty much no limitations on what you can go for. For stationary shipping container houses, the elements which might limit your choices are your budget, your overall design, and the availability of your chosen material. That’s because in a stationary shipping container house, weight is not something to be too concerned about.

Sure, there are calculations about weight which need to happen to be absolutely certain, but keep in mind that shipping containers are built to be filled to the absolute maximum capacity and stacked on top of each other. The recommended limitation on how many shipping containers can be stacked on top of each other is nine. Imagine the weight which that bottom shipping container is carrying.

So, if your shipping container house is stationary, go with what your heart desires. Hardwood, parquet, stone, marble, tiles, concrete and resin, these are all viable options. See which one of them goes well with your overall design and go for it.


Unmodified shipping containers have their well-known corrugated pattern. When they are converted into houses, there are a few factors which might change how they look on the inside, but if the owner decides to keep those patterns as walls, it’s possible to maintain them. Depending on the environment in which the shipping container house will be used, there might be need for insulation.

Usually, when the insulation requirement is intense, it covers the outer walls of shipping container houses, but occasionally, you might need to cover both sides. The weight of walls is usually not a problem to be concerned with, unless in very rare cases where your chosen type of wall decoration is a special type of material which is too heavy.

Many people prefer to maintain the corrugated pattern of the shipping containers as a deliberate and conscious design choice. Be it all the walls of the house or some of them, or even parts of some of them, that’s a design choice that is entirely up to you. You can paint them, you can cover them to make them look like normal walls, and when you do that, your choices are just like normal walls.

Interior Design Ideas for Shipping Container Houses

Simple paint, wallpapers, tiles, brick patterns, printed panels, or whatever else you can think of, they are all possible and viable choices.In short, designing the walls of a shipping container house is just like designing the walls of a normal house, the only exception is that you have an extra choice; to maintain the original corrugated pattern of shipping containers.

A common question people ask is regarding hanging things on the walls and whether they can just drill holes on the walls and use screws. Although that is among the options, it might not be a good idea in general, since not all types of screws and bolts can properly insulate the hole and cause leakage or temperature problems later on. Instead, there are welding and adhesive solutions you can use for hanging anything on the walls or even the ceiling.


Most of the furniture you can use in a shipping container house are the same as a normal house. That is of course, if we are talking about stationary shipping container houses. There are a few different types of mobile shipping container houses. Are we talking about a big house made of many shipping containers? Because that is a possibility; to have a big house and disassemble it and ship it to another location. Or are we talking about a single shipping container house?

Usually, for smaller units, some parts of the furniture can be fixed in place, to make sure that they are ready to be moved any time they have to without having to move out the furniture. Things like beds, tables, closets, and many other parts of furniture can be attached to the shipping container for ease of shipment. This is something that is better to keep in mind from the first phases of the design process.

It’s better for a shipping container modification company such as Green Box Containers to prepare these fixed furniture parts as the original design of the shipping container house. This way everything will be much more durable than to attach them later on.If however, your shipping container house does not intend to be moved at all, there are no limitations regarding the furniture. If it fits, it’s a viable choice.

Where to Obtain a Shipping Container House?

Our company, Green Box Containers, has a lot of experience with building all types of housing and accommodations using shipping containers. There are many examples of our work with portable accommodations and stationary houses. Our design team can help you through the entire design process, while every single choice regarding the design of the shipping container house will be made by you.

We prepare 2D models of the shipping container house based on your wishes and requirements, and you can change any detail in that model as much as you like, as far as it doesn’t damage the structural integrity of the container. Once you are satisfied with the final design, we start the modification process and deliver your shipping container house within 30 days. We are very experienced in all types of shipping container modifications, and our prior works speak of the quality of our work and our commitment to customer’s full satisfaction. If you are considering having a shipping container house of any type, shape, or size, you are at the right website. Contact us, our experts are ready to give you all the details you need.

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