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Luxury Container Homes

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

After having a shipping container home came new ideas of now having a luxury container home. Luxury container homes as the name suggests is a more creative, expensive and modern container home.

Though shipping container homes are not expensively affordable, it might not always be the case for luxury container homes.

What Does It Cost to Build a Luxury Container Home?

The basic and a small container home can generally range from $10,000 to 35,000$. Coming to the large container homes and the amenities, they can range from $ 100,00 to up to $175.000.

Luxury Container Homes

Knowing this range of prices, we can assume the cost of the luxury container homes to be relatively high. For the buyers who have enough money, the price may not be an issue and top of their concern.

Luxury container homes will consist of more than one shipping container, designed and attached in a very traditional and modern way. It can be a group of containers side by side or on top of the other.

What differentiates the average container homes and the luxury container homes can be the size, the number of the shipping containers, and finally, the cost of the building.

Green Box is ready to provide clients with luxury container homes. The company will first design the outline for the client; soon after the client's confirmation, it will be prepared by Green Box.

The outline and the body of the luxury homemade by the container will be prepared and made by the Green Box company, and the client will do the internal design and decoration.

There are many beautiful luxury homes worldwide, even today, such as the Incubo House in Costa Rica, Graceville in Australia, which required 31 shipping containers for the preparation of the luxury home, Grillagh Water in Ireland, and a lot more.

Green Box is the region's leading and best specialist when it comes to the conversion of containers. Trust in them, and they will provide the best they can for you and your family.

Luxury Container Homes

The team of specialists and experts who work in the Green Box ensures that they satisfy the clients' needs and the clients' requirements anyhow. After all, it is all about the satisfaction and the feedback of the client we work hard for.

With the efficient design, high functionality, and ease of work, the luxury container homes are putting a high design with the reach of the mindful clients. It does not get more green like the luxury container homes.

Shipping containers are ideal for building because of their high durability and robust nature. They can be placed on top of each other to make a high-building home as well.

Are They Worth It?

Shipping container homes, in general, are a great choice and worth each penny. The containers last for about 25 years and can even go further if they are well maintained. Inspecting the container is a great option to prepare and fix the damages fast, like hitting the iron when it is hot.

Luxury container homes hold values to them and can be sold later, providing the value of the traditional house more or less. So having a luxury container house can be termed as an asset too.

Do not wait. Contact and order your own luxury home, and wait for Green Box to fulfill your desires.

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