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Mobile Medial Facilities in Clinic Containers

By today’s standards, medical care should be available to everyone in the world, and more importantly, medical care should be available for those who need it the most. That has been the standard for a very long time, but it hasn’t been until recent times that medical care could truly be brought to where it is needed, instead of those who need medical care going to medical facilities. There are many examples of the necessity of mobile medical care, as there are many different types of mobile medical care.

Shipping container clinics are becoming more and more popular in the medical communities. They have proved to be units which can be counted upon for many different types of medical services, and their modular nature makes them prime candidates for becoming mobile hospitals. In this article, we will talk about the different types of medical facilities which can be utilized in different types of shipping container clinics.

What Are Some Different Types of Shipping Container Clinics?

General Emergency Room

If we would name just one type of medical service which is absolutely essential in mobile form, that would be general purpose emergency room. Put plainly, a shipping clinic container equipped with general emergency equipment can save lives. During natural disasters when there is the possibility of number of injured people being greater than hospital beds in an entire area, these types of shipping container clinics can be vital additions to local medical capacity. They can be helpful with many types of injuries.

From cleaning wounds and dressing them, to being temporary emergency operating rooms, shipping container clinics have the capacity to hold at least one bed and many storages for different types of medicine and equipment.

Mobile CCU/ICUs

A step up from general emergency rooms are critical care units and intensive care units. These units are dedicated to keeping one or two patients who are in critical conditions, and they are the definitive life saving mobile medical care units. Shipping container CCUs/ICUs are big enough to come with their own power source and air conditioning unit, in addition to all the sophisticated medical care equipment which are present in normal and stationary CCUs/ICUs in hospitals.

Mobile Laboratories

In many situations, a group of medical experts or researchers might need to have a lab at a certain location, and there is simply no option better than a shipping container laboratory. As we said before, any type of shipping container clinic can come with its own power source, which can be vital in several types of locations in the world, and for a mobile laboratory, it’s simply a step ahead. A shipping container laboratory can come with several different storages and refrigerators with various temperatures, along with all the sampling, sanitizing, and the main laboratory equipment.

Mobile Dental Clinic

Not every city and village in the world has a residing dentist, and what better way to offer the population of that certain location some dental care than having it brought to them. A shipping container dental unit is large enough to house at least two dental units, along with storage spaces for all the different types of medicine and sanitation goods. These types of mobile dental clinics can be especially useful in areas with lower income residents, since they can offer their services to population of one area and move along to other close by towns which are also in need of dental care.

Mobile Medial Facilities in Clinic Containers

The COVID-19 pandemic proved that we are not perfectly armed to fight a pandemic. There were shortages in all levels of health and medical services all over the world. From hospital beds to disinfectants and most critically physicians and nurses, to laboratories and vaccination centers, no country or city in the world had enough to address the massive need for medial care during the corona virus pandemic.

There were many innovative solutions for the huge demand of medical care, and that huge demand continued until the majority of the population was vaccinated. In order to vaccinate people, many different buildings were turned into vaccination centers (I personally got my jabs in a basketball court and a huge exhibition center!). But for remote towns and villages, the need for mobile vaccination units surfaced. Shipping container vaccination units are amazing to address this need. They are big enough to house a sitting area along with a huge refrigerator/freezer which can safely transport vaccines to where they are needed.

Where Can You Get A Customized Shipping Container Clinic?

Our company, Greenbox Containers, has a lot of experience with converting shipping containers into all different types of things. We listen to what our clients want, then do a thorough research on what would a high quality work be in that field. In case of shipping container clinics and hospitals, we try to be very specific about every detail. Ease of sanitation, proper airflow, temperature control, proper power supply, and any type of advanced medical equipment can be installed with highest precision.

When any customer approaches us, we first do our research, then we come up with a design. That design is then shared with our client, and they can edit and adjust it as much as they see fit. Once we get the greenlight from our customer, we give the design schematics to our expert team of modifiers. We modify shipping containers in a factory equipped with all the best and precise tools.

Wielding those tools are our team of experts, who have many years of experience in turning shipping containers into all types of different things. We are proud of and humbled by the fact that our main wealth is the satisfaction of our customers. If you have any questions regarding our work or prices, please contact us. We are ready and happy to provide all the details you might desire.

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